20 Minute Yoga Flows: Watery Flow
Sarah Beston

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I love how we move but aren’t rushed.
Hi Kasey L, So happy to be practicing with you here. Thank you for sharing your experience of the practice. Warmly, Sarah
Interesting practice! Thanks, Sarah! Kind regards!
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It’s a pleasure to be practicing with you, Sandra Židan! Thanks for sharing your experience here. Warmly, Sarah
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Beautiful way to start the day - I feel open and creative, just what I needed to start preparing for the autumn term :O). Thank you!!!
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Hi Charlotte M, Thank you so much for sharing your experience of the practice and my apologies for the delayed response! I am so happy to hear that this helped you prepare for the autumn term—I hope it is going well. Wishing you a beautiful season and hope to practice with you again soon. Warmly, Sarah
You're so welcome, Amalia S! Thank you for practicing with me here!
That felt good.....Thanks!
So glad to be practicing with you here, Tracy C! Wishing you a beautiful weekend. 
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