Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Strength 3<br>Nathan Briner

Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Strength 3
Nathan Briner

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Christel B
Amazing how this work creates stability. So valuable to do it often and ‘this series is so helpful in doing just that.
Nathan Briner
So glad you’re feeling the changes and evolution through the practice, Christel
Banu Y
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hi Nathan  I m making 2 round actually.I really like the way you teach and explain.
I feel I gain better strength ,balance and elasticity  everyday I work with you.Thank you
Nathan Briner
Banu! Thank you! That’s wonderful to hear. I am excited to follow you through round two and see what you’re discovering. Leave an update when you can ☀️
Lisa D
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I enjoyed examining my lower core muscles at the beginning of the practice and rediscovering those little nuances in contractions and releases.  Your calm voice, breathing and steady pace definitely helped me relax and let go of some stress I had been harboring too. Thank you
Nathan Briner
Lisa, thank you for sharing your experience! It’s nice to hear that you felt tension leaving your body through the practice. You’ll be able to feel the strength building in the next lessons and see how important that powerful core is when we come to balance and even flexibility. See you there! 
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great practice! loved half boat pose especially. plenty of novel cues to keep it interesting too. many thanks.
Nathan Briner
Thanks Matthew 🙏
Midge L
On Day 3 I found the half-boat position a great strain on my neck so had to stop. Should I do it with my head on the floor instead?
Nathan Briner
midge, doing with your head on the ground is perfect. If you would like to private message me here, I’m happy to talk through reasons that may be hoeing and options to modify the pose :) 
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