Vibrant Flow: Strong Center, Open Heart
Rosemary Garrison

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The insight of bringing the tailbone under and the deep belly up to allow the heart to open was profound. Thank you Rosemary.
I'm so glad this resonated, Ali . That relationship between heart and center is profound. Be well. 
Oh Julie , thank you ! When the heart is open, life is oh so much sweeter. Such a joy to share this ALL with you. 
Thanks, Alexandra  ! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Be well. 
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I cannot emphasize enough how much i enjoyed practising these flows. Looking forward to season 2!
Thank you, Yigit A ! This makes me so happy. We plan to film some new flows soon- I'll keep you posted! Be well. 
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I did my first back bend today! This was awesome. Thank you.❤️
This makes me supremely happy, Tonia T !!! I love a backbend. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that sweet expanse of the heart. 
You are literally the best!! Thank you so much for teaching !!!!
You made my day, Laura M !!! Thank you so much. It is a JOY to teach. Thank you for practicing!
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