Vibrant Flow: Strong Center, Open Heart<br>Rosemary Garrison

Vibrant Flow: Strong Center, Open Heart
Rosemary Garrison

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Flavia O
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It was so much easier to make that backbend after building up strength, Thank you so much! Beautiful practice Namaste
Rosemary Garrison
Yes yes yes! Exactly, Flavia O . I'm so glad you felt that. An open heart must have the support of a strong foundation and center- physically and energetically. Such a joy to share. Namaste. 
David G-
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My homework for YTT this month is to pay attention how the central channel appears in my classes. Besides being an incredible flow, this practice connected those homework dots for me. I could feel interocpetion increase with the connection of the central channel to the heart center. This is a special class, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants deep heart openings, a meditative flow and deeper connection to the sublte body. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, David G- . I appreciate your detailed feedback/ reflection. This is one of my all time favorite themes. Enjoy. 
Nadine T
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Enjoyed a long desired release through my left side (arm, trunk, and leg)!! Yes, finally!!!
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