The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 1: Lets Begin
Peter Sterios

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Hi Simone, Happy to hear you enjoyed Day 1. Give it a day if you can so it can 'sink in' and then try day 2. And you have a big surprise on Day 7! =)
thank you :)
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Hi Peter, I started your pain challenge and wanted to ask as I have herniated L4L5 and am struggling with anything that requires me to forward bend even a little. What is best to rid sciatic pain caused from bulging lumbar. The pain is intense.
Hi Nicki Forward bending when your back is inflamed is never a good idea. I herniated L5-S1 20 years ago and it usually takes 12-18 months for a disc to heal fully. My disk was injured in an accident where my body was in a forward bending position. To help rehabilitate the disk tissue, I rested for 3-4 weeks in supported positions (get the book "Back Care Basics" by Dr Mary Shatz) and then began a series of mild, prop supported back bends that I arrived at intuitively. Since I hurt my back bending forward, it felt right to do the opposite and gently, slowly work the back in the other direction. This lasted for 3 months. when the pain had subsided, I began a gentle series that included some standing forward bends where gravity was the only bending force forward - no pushing, no "stretching" - only "softening".
cont. Nicki I also started curling my spine in Sun Salutations, like I show on the videos here, curling down bending forward standing, and curling up when lifting up to standing. The days of "chest up, arms out, flat back, hinge/fold at the hips, bend forward" were over forever! My back has never felt better. No surgery, no limitations other than "age". You will need to find within yourself an intuitive voice that guides you and also some resources to support you - books, teachers, body therapists, wholistic doctors, etc., and then have a lot of patience with your body to heal, eliminating any life style choices that may be aggravating your back - the chairs you use, the mattress you sleep on, jogging, sit-ups, etc until you back heals...
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Thank you Peter Sterios. Your advice was a timely reminder to listen to what my body needs. It was easy to get frustrated with sequences that were meant to relieve sciatic pain that seemed to further aggravate, and at 45 seeing how quickly I was losing condition because of restricted movement was demoralising. Finding my "intuitive voice" again helped me slow down and move with instinct (often contradictory to advice :)) and for the first time in months I feel progress. Slowly slowly. Nice to see your training coming available in New Zealand, I hope it you are welcomed back with open arms! PS, the Marma Ball therapy helps immensely too.
Hi Nicki You're welcome! I'm excited to come back to NZ in October for the first weeklong Module for our LEVITYoga 300HR Teacher Training. If you can help us spread the word, that would be great! will have more information soon. Peter
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Thanks Peter. I really enjoyed the grace flow and rhythm of the practice. The attention to breath and how it filled the body was a revelation. Your precise simple guidance allowed to really listen to my body and experience its subtle movements. Namaste.
Hi Glenford , Day 1 is a real wake up to the power of the subtle body. I wish you the best on the 7-day journey you're on.
thank you so much!! i love your practice and your sound! totally relieved!
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