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Julian Marc Walker

Julian Marc Walker

Julian Walker has the rare capacity to truly care about who is in front of him.
Read More A true teacher of Yoga, he is able to meet who and whatever shows up with acceptance, compassion, humor and curiosity. Teaching since 1994, Julian is a pioneer in the field of yoga. He trained originally with Ana Forrest, and has since continued to evolve his approach by integrating Buddhist mindfulness, somatic psychology and a science-informed approach to a healing, grounded sense of mind-body practice. His work is diverse, and in addition to his 3 popular weekly yoga classes, Julian is delighted to present each year at the UCLA Interpersonal Neurobiology conference, take participants away on his signature Transformation Retreat twice a year, offer his twice weekly Dance Tribe experiences at the Church in Ocean Park, and run his daily Open Sky Bodywork private practice out of his home office. Julian brings a deep fascination with the neuroscience and psychology of yoga and meditation to the rich community environments he creates using carefully curated music, inspiring poetry, and asana sequences informed by deep anatomical and biomechanical principles. Together with Hala Khouri, Julian is co-founder of the ground-breaking Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind teacher training that happens each year at Santa Monica Yoga.
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