Move to Meditate Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Blissful Shoulders

35 min - Practice


This session focuses on healthy range of motion in the shoulders, as well as introducing you to a brain-science-informed approach to Buddhist vipassana body awareness in a deeply healing savasana at the end.

Click here to listen to the playlist Julian created to go along with this practice, then come back here start the above video at the same time to enjoy the full synchronized experience!
What You'll Need: Mat

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I'm in love with this series! Such simple movements, thought and breath work with such profound results ...
thanks Jenny Smeriglio :)
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PS: i am delighted to announce i now have custom designed playlists you can synchronize with these classes, for a more full spectrum experience!! here's the playlist for the above class: Jenny Smeriglio
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There are no limitations to this heart opening practice - again, thanks for holding my hand and guiding me directly into the practice of bringing light to the shadows; Amazing Grace was a hell of a charge as was the Love After Love poem; had a beautifully uncomfortable practice
Deidra Sivertson that is very touching to hear. thanks for sharing with me deirdre. may we all keep coming home to ourselves and enacting self compassion.
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Love, love, love this practice. Exactly what I needed after a stress filled day at the office. Thank you.
aaaaah that makes me happy [Sam] thanks!
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Really amazing. Thank you so much!
you're welcome Karun Sandal please enjoy my other classes too!
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So beautiful. I love this so much, and all the fantastic poems that you read in the exact right moment, it enriches the experience for me. Thank you.
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