Move to Meditate Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Flow into Awareness

45 min - Practice


Ride the rhythm of the breath. Julian guides us in a flow practice with an emphasis on backbending postures—Salabhasana (Locust Pose), Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), and Ustrasana (Camel Pose)—in preparation for our seated meditation practice. You will feel aware and awake.

Click here to listen to the playlist Julian created to go along with this practice, then come back here start the above video at the same time to enjoy the full synchronized experience!
What You'll Need: Mat

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My first class with you. Thank you for this beautiful practice of self inquiry and awareness through movement and breath :)
so glad it was meaningful and useful for you Alison, i hope you enjoy my other classes too!
PS: i am delighted to announce i now have custom designed playlists you can synchronize with these classes, for a more full spectrum experience!! here's the playlist for the above class:
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Again a wonderful practice. I am dealing with severe pain down my right leg from hip to foot and my right foot is numb and I thought I wouldn't be able to do most of the practice but with your gentle stretching and kind encouragement I even did half moon. My foot just floated up. I probably won't be able to walk later lol but right now I feel blissful. Thank you
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What a wonderful, calming practice. Just what I needed this morning. Your final words were very moving, and I hope to carry them with me as I start my day.
that makes me happy, Catherine —be well. :)
awwww sam, that is fantastic. be gentle with that leg! Sam
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ABsolutly loved this practice. All the words combined with the movement gave me a spiritual experience. And the end words. Enough. Yes. That was strong for me. Namaste from Sweden.
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thanks for letting me know Johanna that makes me happy!
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Hi Julian I found your positional cues really helpful, particularly the transition from triangle > half moon and I love the pace of this session. Thank you
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