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Erin Yee

Erin Yee

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Erin's background is based in dance, music, yoga, meditation, qi gong, Chinese Medicine, scent, and intuitive guidance. Through years of deep study in these disciplines, she recognized the flow state state as being the consistent theme across all mediums. This awareness led her to develop a system which imparts the benefits of the flow state through the mediums that are most in resonance with the moment and with the person.

She received her Bachelor's of Arts from UCLA in 2006 and her Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine and California Acupuncture License in 2016. Her practice blends acupuncture, intuitive reading, energy work, movement, and bespoke scent creation.

Erin's intention is to serve the unique needs of the individual or group in order to bring about a sense of freedom, clarity, integration, and love to our experience of being in the world.

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