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Sarah Manwaring

Sarah Manwaring


Sharing yoga for Sarah is about diving into ones own embodied curiosities, studies, and explorations, and communicating them in the context of an ancient art.  It is about asking questions and unravelling into the sheer presence of these cells and this living nervous system. 

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Sarah is an 800 hour certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher.  She trained with Gioia Irwin and Orit Sen Gupta.  The principles of this teaching inspire a great inward reflection, a balance of discipline and ease, and a practice that truly grows and is inspired from a quiet inside place.  She continues to share time regularly with Gioia in her hometown of Squamish, BC. She is presently enrolled to begin a Diploma in Expressive Arts, with a vision to begin working one-on-one with individuals in areas of letting go, grief, and being with dying.


Sarah dreamed and co-created The Art of Yoga studio in Squamish, BC, starting in 2008. Six years later, she oversees the operations of studio as it now operates as a shared community cooperative space. Sarah continues to share classes, courses, and her mentorship program out of this quaint community space.

Sarah has taught for 6 years at the annual Canuck Children's Hospice Squamish camp, offering meditation and breathing for young adults with Muscular Dystrophy. She works as the Youth Education Coordinator at the Howe Sound Women's Centre in Squamish, offering creative nature based empowerment girls groups and camps, as well as working in the schools to promote healthy relationships and good communication.

Her work and passion for living wildly has taken her to the remote wilds of Canada's Yukon, Baffin Island, Australia, the Rio Grande river, India & Nepal, and the Brazilian Amazon. She has a great love of Sanskrit and sound, and a deep curiosity and love for the philosophical roots of this ancient art. Countless other workshops over the years studying & exploring this human experience.  


Sarah has a Bachelor of Kinesiology from MacMaster University, and MSc Outdoor & Experiential Education, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Wilderness First Aid (80 hour), and NOLS instructor, with experience guiding remote and extended expeditions around the world.


When Sarah is not working you can find her raising her two young boys, tending to her garden, paddling her canoe or planning her next family wilderness adventure.

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