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Jason Schneider

Jason Schneider


Jason is a yoga instructor and professional sports coach whose dharma is to elevate others, helping them feel confident and joyful in their bodies and minds. His classes are a physical and emotional journey, whether to greater flexibility, balance, mobility, or strength. Jason believes that rather than forcing your body into the "perfect pose", the goal of yoga is to find where yoga fits perfectly into your body, at any age and any physical ability level.

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Jason's yoga journey has forever changed him as a person, as an athlete, and as an instructor. As many people do, Jason found yoga as an endurance athlete experiencing consistently sore and tight muscles. After years of regular stretching classes, he was in more pain than before. As a professional sports coach himself, he recognized that yoga instructors had advanced knowledge of the body and were able to skillfully deliver precise instruction to their students in a way that really helped them. He aspired to be in less pain himself, and to learn the physical, emotional, and professional side of yoga. Jason immediately connected strongly to his teachers, Mia Togo and Jocelyn Solomon, who helped him find so much more than the physical benefits of sharing yoga with students, and from whom he earned a 200-hour yoga teaching certification with YogaWorks. A perpetual student, educator, and program designer, Jason reads, researches, and takes workshops regularly.

Jason feels a deep connection with each of his students. He encourages laughter and freedom of expression in his classes. He loves to work with people that don't believe yoga is for them or maybe struggle with a typical Vinyasa flow. Jason gravitates toward Hatha, as he enjoys it himself and thinks it is the most beneficial for his students, allowing them ample time to deeply experience the physical and mental benefits of each asana.

Jason is a four-time Ironman, and an avid runner. He has completed 50 marathons and several multi-day stage races around the world. He is a regional manager, educator, and content developer for Crunch Fitness Franchise and Schwinn Indoor Cycling Master Trainer, and owns a cookie business (M2O Cookies). In his free time you will find him volunteering with the California Wildlife Center helping to rescue, rehabilitate, and release marine birds and mammals. Jason lives in Westlake Village, California with his husband of 25 years and their three incorrigible Chihuahuas.

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