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Empowered Aging

We can use our yoga practice to connect with aging and unlock a hidden potential of presence and sensing, shining a light on this very special process. This show is a collection of accessible and challenging yoga-inspired practices you can come back to again and again to mobilize your joints, increase full-body strength, stability, balance, and flexibility, and help you remain confident, stable, and easeful in your daily movement for years to come.

Season 1 - Foundational Movement

In Season 1 we take our time, meeting where our edge is that day and connecting with the options that work best for us. These sequences combine dynamic mobility movements that promote lubrication and ease within your joints with longer holds to stabilize your bones, strengthen your muscles, find suppleness in your connective tissue, and celebrate the independence that comes with balance.

Season 2 - Bone Health

Welcome to Season 2 of Empowered Aging with Dr. Sherri Betz. The program includes five foundational tutorials that will guide you in exploring your body, biomechanics, and alignment from head to toe. These classes are designed for everyone from beginning yoga students to advanced practitioners, as well as older adults at risk for falls, making them a safe and effective way to improve bone health.

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