Empowered Aging Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Feeling Flexible, Free, & Fantastic

45 min - Practice


You'll feel fantastic after this class which combines longer holds to increase flexibility, focused balance challenges, and dynamic movements that inspire lubrication, suppleness, and mobility in our joints. We start on the floor warming our shoulders, hips, spine, and legs, and move to standing to explore Crescent, Pyramid, Standing Figure 4, and Dancer's Pose with the support of our props. You will feel long, loose, and easeful in your movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)


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Welcome, everybody. My name is Jason. Are you ready to flow? Are you ready to get the flexible and mobile in our joints today. We're gonna work up a flow today that is really gonna help to create some length in our body Get all those good synovial fluid movement in our joint.

It's gonna feel wonderful. It's gonna be a feel fantastic. And, again, as I always say in all of my episodes, all of our classes together, make this your own. You're gonna find some challenges today. We're gonna utilize great props and decide if you wanna utilize those props to help you feel a little bit more stable in your practice, and to help you find more length and more strength, but also embrace the challenge.

Let's get to get let's get started. We're gonna start with our feet planted. Make sure that your feet are parallel toes facing forward. Take a quick look down. Sometimes we don't realize our heels are turned in a little bit. Our heels might be turned out a little of our knees might knock in a little bit.

So just make sure everything is nice and neutral. Once you find that, find all four corners of your feet, press the feet into the ground and lift everything all the way up through the crown of the head so that you feel nice and tall. Let's take a deep breath in, reach the hands up. And as we exhale, take that right hand, reach it forward, left hand reaches back. Do your best to keep that right hip reaching towards the back of the mat.

So that twist happens from the belly button up through the chest, inhale forward, and exhale. And as we go the opposite direction, now it's that left hip that's reaching back in hill, and exhale open. Shoulder blades come down, proud through the chest, spread across the collarbone, inhale, bring it up, and exhale. As I mentioned that we're gonna utilize some props today, if you do have a stable chair, maybe some blocks, a strap, a blanket that is folded that you can put under your knees is perfect. Inhale. Bring it up one more time.

An exile. Come back to center and hands come to heart. Good. Bring your hands to your hips. Or hands can stay at your heart and work some lower body mobility. We're gonna start with that right foot.

Put a little weight into the left foot, a little bend in that left knee. Make sure the toes are standing forward, and come up on that right heel. Scoop down, reach for the toes, and come on back up. Again, reach down. So we're hinging at the waist, bending in that left knee, really work to make sure that left knee doesn't go out. Reach down and scoop back up.

Let's do that two more times. Reach down. Scoop up. And one more time, reach down. Scoop up.

Keep the weight in that left foot and let's lift either onto the toes or that right leg can come up and start to create that that fluid, production that we talked about in the joints back and around. Stop for a moment. Up and around and stop for a moment. Just reset up and around, and feel free to keep it low. You're gonna get all the benefit of a nice low circle as well.

Let's plant that right foot down, come up on that left heel. Soft bending that right knee really soft through the swi the hips, take a nice big deep breath and reach down. And come on up. Make sure and if you have to open up a little wider, please do, but make sure that that right foot is reaching forward and that right knee stays forward. Here we go.

Down and up. Big breath in. And exhale and up. And we've got one more time. And up and come on back to center, find your stability through that right foot come up nice and light on the left. Let's start low for that first one. Big circle.

Keep that toe low to the ground or maybe bring that knee up and reach it out. Big circle out. Slow so that we don't knock ourselves off balance like I just did up and out and back down. Beautiful. Talked about utilizing some props today. If you have a rope or you have a strap, not necessary, but I'm gonna go ahead and grab a strap.

And I'm gonna take that strap nice and long. We're gonna wanna create some flexibility through our upper body today. So without any loop in that strap, holding it nice and long and wide, wider than our shoulders, And depending on the level of flexibility is you're gonna determine just how wide we need to go. So holding on to that strap, imagine you're trying to tear it apart. Pull shoulder blades come down. And as we inhale, take the hands back behind neutral and then turn to the side for a moment.

So you can see. Take a past neutral eyes up to the sky. Good. And bring it down. In hell. Take it up. Are you pulling on that strap and, like, you're trying to pull the strap apart?

Big breath in, bring it up. And maybe your shoulder flexibility might be good. Again, pulling that strap apart to take it all the way back down towards your tailbone. Sometimes I surprise myself that I'm able to do that and bring it up and all the way to the belly button. Find that range of motion that works for you and is comfortable for you. Bring it up.

And back. And up and back. And if you find a spot that's particularly tight, just come up and hold there for a moment. We call this flossing the joints and one more time, see if you can take it down and all the way back up. Let's bring it back up overhead. Feet are still planted right beneath the hips.

Nice and neutral. Take a big breath in. And as you exhale, left hand reaches down for the ground and right hand goes up. Roll those right ribs up towards the sky, come up to center and exhale over to the left. We're still thinking hands wanna be as far away from each other as they possibly can inhale up one more left hand reaching down towards the ground, right hand reaching up, maybe looking up towards the right fingers.

Inhale and exhale. And come back to center and bring it down. Hold on to your strap or to your rope. And let's come down onto our knees. So find your way comfortably onto your knees, and we're gonna be in heroes pose.

Blocks are my best friend in here as opposed. Now just sitting this way with your feet just a bit wider than your hips and your tailbone sinking down, is a great way to stretch a lot of the muscles in the in the upper legs and stretch the muscles and lower legs. Fantastic for giving a nice stretch through the angles. But if this is a bit uncomfortable, take a block, place it between your ankles so it can be high, low, you choose, but it's gonna be on one of these. And set your tailbone down.

That's comfortable. Go ahead and grab your strap. We're gonna again continue to work on that shoulder mobility. It really stretch the muscles in the upper arm. So we're gonna take this strap either side of this strap in your right hand.

And we're gonna reach the right hand all the way up and notice that strap goes right down my back. I'm gonna take my left hand. I'm gonna reach my left hand back to my tailbone and find that strap. Now everybody's gonna have a little bit of a different level of mobility here. So as we bend that right arm and keep that elbow up to the sky, start to climb that left hand up that strap and see just how close they can get together.

That right hand gently pulling up on that left hand so they're meeting in the center may be taking your head slightly to press against the inside of the forearm of the right arm to open up that right shoulder and think of opening up that left shoulder. Is your heart high? Good. Ease with your breath. Not to the point of pain, but to the point where you feel like, oh, this is really a great stretch, and I'm gonna feel so open through my shoulders and through my triceps.

Release that left hand and the right hand. Give it a nice roll. And let's do it on the other side. So we're gonna take that strap in our left hand Take it up nice and high. Whole lot of strap to work with here.

So just find where it's not gonna hit you in the head. And take that strap up. Reach back with the right hand. Find the strap, which is right down your spine. You can also use a towel.

If you have a towel at home, a towel is a great option and bend that left arm Finding that strap and crawling that right hand up the strap I tend to be tighter on my left than I am on my right. Or actually, I'm tighter on my right shoulder, but tend to be tighter on my left hip. We go cross lines in our body. Good. Lift the head up, pressing gently back on that left forum. Few breaths.

Think of the shoulder blade that right shoulder blade reaching back and opening up across the collar bones, lifting through the heart. And relax that right hand, bring it back, and left hand. And let's take that strap and fold it up We're gonna get it out of the way. Just put it off to the side of your mat. We're gonna take the block out from underneath our tush, and I'm gonna turn this direction. So I'm facing the same way as all of you are on your mat.

Into a tabletop. And we're only gonna be here for a moment, but if it feels better on your knees, Go ahead and take a pad and put that pad underneath. Make sure there's just nothing directly off to the side of your mat. Because you wanna have space on each side of your mat. Plant the hands down directly underneath the shoulders, knees directly beneath the hips.

So you feel very neutral. We're gonna take a deep breath in and reach the right hand, but more importantly, open up those right ribs Notice my right hand doesn't reach up to the sky. Well, that's the level of my flexibility. Try to keep your hips nice and neutral. With breath in. And as we exhale, take that right hand and thread it underneath the left, we're gonna keep the shoulder off the ground and just really reach with that right hand. Inhale. Take it up. Oh, look at that a little further and exhale.

And again, one more time. Inhale. Take it up. Oh, a little bit further. And exhale and come back neutral. Ready for the left side. Keep a soft bend in that elbow, right elbow, turn the triceps in, and here we go.

Big breath in. Reach the left hips up. Watch the hips. Wanna make sure that they stay as neutral as possible and exhale. Reach through those left fingertips in the help ticket and exhale. One more time, inhale.

Take it up. And exhale. Reach, reach, reach, imagine we're slapping, give me a high 5 or low 5, and come back to center. We are all familiar with our cat cows. Right? Maybe we're gonna get a little funky with it today.

So as we take that deep breath in, think of rolling the hips and allowing the belly to drop and the heart comes up, and as we exhale round the spine, press into the ground and go the other way. Inhale? Drop the belly, circle, circle, circle, and exhale. Anyhow? There's no right and wrong to this.

We're just warming up that lower half of our body. Getting ready for the work, that is just ahead. And come back to neutral. Do that as some more. It feels good.

I'm gonna grab my blocks. I'm gonna bring my blocks onto the mat. If you don't have blocks, maybe books or anything that's just nice and sturdy that you can put your hands on would be helpful. It's gonna come in really handy. As we lift our right leg up and come into a kneeling position.

We're still knee on the pad for a little bit of comfort walk that right foot just a bit forward. And as we inhale, we're gonna lift our chest. Maybe pressing into that right knee. If your left foot is tucked, see if you can release that left foot. And so you're just grounded through that left knee and we're up nice and tall, inhale reach the hands up.

And as we exhale, start to straighten that right leg, find those blocks. They can come in really handy. And as we reach back now, it's okay. Move that right foot forward if you need. Reach that right hip back.

The goal is not to get our sternum low to the ground, but instead to keep all of that length to the right side, pulling the toes up towards the right knee. And reaching back through the right hip. So think of your hips trying to be as straight as the line on the back of your mat or the back of that pad, inhale, bring it forward, find your balance, bring it up. Maybe eyes up to the sky is a little more of a challenge. Oh, our shoulders are feeling good, so maybe we wanna bring the palms at the hands together and look up at the fingers.

And exhale take it back. Did you try that? Do you feel how that changes the balance? Inhale one more time, come up, slow and controlled, lift, raise the hands, option to bring the palms together and reach arch in the back, lifting with your heart to the sky. And one more time, let's exhale it back. And as we come back up, we're gonna take our blocks and move them off to the side. We're gonna find our way back onto all fours and over onto our left hip.

Extend the left hand out, palm down, and bring the rib cage and the armpit down to the ground. Now the right leg can act the left leg. My apologies. The left leg can act as like an anchor. So keep that left knee bent if that makes you feel a little more stable or extend the left leg out. Find your stability on that hip lift the right leg off the body just slightly and bend that right knee, bringing that heel up towards your tush.

And you can feel that it's a little wobbly. That's why I said is you can put a little bend in that left knee just create a little stability reach back with that right hand. Find your ankle. If your ankle isn't within your reach, maybe a strap around that ankle might be nice and helpful. Take a big breath in.

And as we exhale, gently bring the heel towards your toes. And reach the right knee towards the foot side of your mat. Find as much length as you possibly can From the heel on that left foot that's reaching out to the fingertips of the left hand, Feel the belly button gently come forward. Think of the inner thighs reaching in towards each other and then spinning towards the back. Of the mat. Beautiful.

And release and come back onto your belly. Let's bend into the knees, give ourselves a nice child's pose. We can walk our knees back onto our pad. And let's bring that left leg forward now. I know I'm gonna want my blocks.

Maybe you want your blocks too. I like to keep them up on the high side, and we start by bringing our chest up. Find where you feel strong and stable, reach the hands up. And as we exhale, hands can come back to the blocks, or they can float if you feel better with a float. And our hands are always gonna be light.

This is just to help us be stable and not have to worry so much about finding our balance so that we can really reach back through that left hip while staying nice and long through the upper body. Good. Press that left foot down. Slowly bring it up. Hands reach up to the sky. And just like we did on the other side, if you're feeling like a little extra is bring the palms together, eyes up to the sky, bit more of an arch in the back, and exhale. Take it back.

One more time through. Inhale up. Reach the hands up. And as the energy reaches forward and your hands reach up and your heart reaches to the sky, we drop the tailbone. We lift through the front hip bone. We feel that stretch through the right side of our front hip.

And last time, take it back maybe balance and come on back up. And let's move the blocks off the mat. Again, This time, we're gonna go down on our right side. So bring that left foot back. Bring that right hip down and walk that right hand out. That right knee might be your anchor as we bend that left foot, reach back with that left hand and grab hold of that ankle.

If you have a pad underneath you, that just might add a little extra instability which is great because it's gonna require you to fire your core muscles to find balance. Really press that right hand down and exhale. Bringing that heel towards your bum and the left knee reaching towards the back of the mat. Now is a good time to think of that belly button coming slightly forward lifting through the front hip bones. Length length length and let's come back to our belly.

Excellent. We're gonna press the hands in the mat come back into a child's pose. Now is a good time to take that blanket or pad you have on your mat. Take it off. Give yourself a nice stretch. Press the hands into the mat, tuck the toes, and come into a down dog. In this down dog, playful petal petal petal.

You know, sometimes when you compare yourself to other people doing yoga and you start to swallow their feet are down so flat on the ground. Comparison is the thief of joy. So instead, just think about your body and where you can find a little more length from your hands pressing into the ground to the very top of your tailbone reach your armpits back towards your feet. Maybe keeping a soft bend in the knees, but that allows you to get nice and high through the tailbone. Softbend in the knees, and let's tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, all the way up to the front of the mat.

Exhale forward fold. Now today, we're gonna have a little bit of a unique sort of a flow so that rather than going back down to the mat, We're gonna inhale halfway up, lengthen through our spine, ardhautanasana exhale forward fold, And instead of coming all the way up, hands are gonna come to the tops of the thighs, lift through the heart. And a little cat cow, inhale, drop the belly, really reach back to the tail about excess. Inhale and exhale forward fold. All the way up to stand and exhale hands to heart.

Now as we go through our balance movements today, I'm gonna go through the whole first series, and I'm gonna use the chair. You have the opportunity to use blocks, Find something that's really sturdy, something that isn't going to move, something that isn't going to wobble, and something that will help you to have support in your poses. Be sure, especially if you're using a chair, that we move back a little bit on our mat because as we go into our forward folds, we wanna make sure we're not gonna hit our head. And let's come back and we'll all meet in mountain pose. Hands can be at your heart, or hands can be down at your side.

Immediately start by feeling tall and long. Right leg is gonna stay stable. Left leg is gonna become light, and we're gonna slide that left leg back into a high lunge. And as we come into this high lunge, right knee is directly over the right heel, left ball of the foot, or grounded, whichever is most comfortable for you. Blocks are gonna become very important.

So maybe grab those blocks. You can also use the chair for a lot of these different stretches and blocks come in a little stable if you happen to go a little deeper. Come back into your high lunch. Good. Think. If I'm too narrow, I'm gonna be wobbly.

So maybe I open up a little bit. That my hips are neutral. I take one breath. I feel my hip bones lift. I feel that stretch to the left side.

And as I exhale, I straighten that front leg, and I slowly start to walk my hands down that leg. Take another big breath in. And as we exhale, maybe finding those blocks Feels very much like what we were doing on our knees, part of the tenas, and the funding, all of that length through that right side. But this time, our toes are gonna stay down. We're gonna reach back through that right hip.

We're nice and long. Through our upper body. Only go down as far. This feels comfortable. We're gonna keep these blocks right where they are, but I want you to just be mindful of that we don't kick them when we're on the way up.

Put a soft bend in that right knee. Put weight in that right knee. This is where the chair can come in really handy to lift yourself up. Into single tedasana. If it's helpful, you can put your toe on that chair, but really find that stability, that strength through that right leg.

Using that hit mobility that worked on in the in the beginning of our class, we're gonna lift that left ankle up and cross it over the right leg. Remember holding on for a little extra, just a little extra support. And as we exhale, we're gonna bend into that right knee for our figure 4. Now you can do a very upright figure 4. Or if you're feeling a little more flexible today, exhale and see if we can bring that sternum a little closer to that left shin.

Because we press into that right leg, we're gonna bring that right, that left knee back up. Remember holding onto the chair, still staying upright. You may wanna switch hands, bring in that right hand to the chair as we bring that left leg back towards our bum, reach the left hand around, and grab hold of the shin or the ankle and we're standing up nice and tall quad stretch. Reach that left knee towards the ground and the belly button comes up nice and high. You do have an option that if you're feeling stable, especially with that chair there to help out, to be able to start to bring your heart down towards the ground hinging at the hips.

Working on dancers' pose, and we'll show options to go a little deeper into this in a moment, bring it back up and release that left side, and you're gonna go, just loosen it up a little bit. Inhale, reach it up, remember, watch your head. Don't hit the chair as we exhale into our forward fold. Oh, boy. I feel that through my left leg right now. Inhale halfway.

And exhale forward fold. Walk those hands up halfway take a big breath and lift the heart and exhale round the spine. I think cat cow, one more time. Inhale at the belly drop, exhale forward fold, big sweep in the hands all the way to stand. Just like we did on the ground, maybe we start to bring the hands together, reach and give yourself a little bit more extension and hands the heart.

One side done. Let's go the other side. Put the weight into the left foot and let's slide that right foot back. Find our high lunge. Notice there's a soft little bend in my right knee. It's all good. It's great.

Drop through the tailbone, lift through the front hip bones. So if you see my waist band, rather than having that belly drop, lift that belly up and drop through the tailbone hands reach up. High lunge. On that next inhale straighten that front leg, back heel can ground or stay on the ball of your foot, exhale halfway down use all of that core strength. I know that you've been working on to control your descent and exhale into your part of the tenacity or intense forward fold.

As light as we can be on these blocks as long as you can be through that left leg. Find that same length through your spine and then drop the sternum. Oh, feel that. Take one more big breath in. And on that next inhale soft bend in the left knee, use the chair if it helps to come up into your single tedasana.

Sometimes this just helps me set myself up that then I can feel strong and sturdy to come up and balance. When you're ready, reach that right ankle up as high as you can and then set it on top of that left knee. Maybe reaching out to that chair for a little extra balance as we sink the tailbone down. And in the same way when we first stood up, maybe you just find that balance and hold. Take another breath.

And as you exhale sternum, maybe comes just a bit closer to that right ankle. This is always here if you need it. Hands can also be on blocks if your flexibility allows for it. Press into that left foot, bring that right knee back up. I'm gonna keep my my left hand on the chair as I bring that right heel back towards my tush, find it, wrap a towel around, maybe grabbing hold of a strap if you'd like it, lift through the heart as that right knee goes down and that right heel comes up to the butt.

We're still holding on to the ankle. If you would like to take that option of dancer, really think of a nice hinge at the hips, softness in that left knee. Think of the soul of your foot coming up towards the sky and your heart reaching up Oh, that those little extensions that we're doing every time we go through our flow is helping us now. And soon, you may be able to start practicing, letting go. Good. Come on back up.

And release and give it a shake out. Ready to go through it one more time each side? Let's do this. Choose whether you're gonna use the chair or not. Maybe you don't even use it, but it's still there just for that safety and security.

Sometimes just knowing it's there. Is all we need. So let's take a big deep breath in and reach up and exhale forward fold. Inhale halfway up and exhale forward walk the hands up halfway. Big breath in belly drops, heart comes up exhale standing cat, inhale standing cow, and exhale.

Big sweep of hands all the way up to stand and hand start. We're gonna start by pressing into that right foot lift the left foot, see how slow and controlled you can take it back and find that high lunge. Notice my left knee is still soft. That works in my body. So find what works in your body.

Challenge, balance, Oh, that's tough. And exhale straightening that front leg. Halfway down. Taking one more big breath and then exhale. Your feet are not nailed to the ground.

So move them as needed. Find that length through the right side. Reach the right hip back length. Can you grow through the crown of your head just a bit more. Slow wins the game.

Softbend into that right knee. Slowly lift up. Use the chair as needed. Into your single Tarasana. The stronger you are through that right leg, the more you pin into center the stronger you will be cross that left ankle over and let's sit it down into our figure 4.

Tuck those left toes in, reach the left hip down just a bit more. Sternum towards the shin or the ankle if that feels good. Feel like I could sit here all day. Press back up into that single leg stance. Now your right leg is gonna be talking to you.

So you really have to focus on that stability through the right leg as we bring the left heel back, maybe finding the ankle. I'm gonna hold on for just a minute so I show you this. Also, option grab the inner arch But work to really think about bringing those inner thighs in towards center, roll the inner thighs back, If it's in your practice, dancers pose. Haron can still be on the chair. Find that slight arch in your back, extension, extension, and bring it back up to center and slowly release. Still have one side to go take a big breath and reach it up. Maybe the hands come together.

Big extension. And exhale forward fold. Be sure not to hit your head on the chair. Inhale halfway up, hands on the shins or above the knees. An exhale forward fold.

Walk those hands up halfway. Here's our standing cat cow. Inhale, drop the belly, lift the heart, exhale, inhale, and forward fold. Big sweep in the hands all the way to stand and exhale hands to heart. Right leg goes back.

Find that high lunge. On the next inhale straighten that front leg. Exhale hinge. Slow. Slow and exhale down.

Sometimes I look back and I noticed my back heel starting to turn in really try to square off so that everything is facing towards the front of the mat. If you wanna ground that back heel, step in a little bit and then create that length through the left side. You practice with me. You know my left side, left side, tight side. So grounding that back heel This is good in my body. What's so what's good in your body?

On that next inhale soft bend in that left knee, we're gonna go slow. Bringing that right leg up and find your balance. Toe can be on a block. Toe can be on the chair. Right ankle comes up.

You feel that knee turn out. Find your figure 4. Slow. We all have our different approach, what we bring to our mat, celebrate what you bring, What challenges you're willing to face and not let yourself get upset if you happen to fall for a moment. Stern them a little closer to the shin.

Eyes focused on the ground or maybe just a bit ahead of your mat. When you're ready, press into that left leg. Come on back up. Toe can be on a block. At any point, you need to take a little shake out.

And when you're ready, bring that foot back, grab hold of the ankle, the shin, or maybe the inside arch But don't let that. Let the leg go out. So remember the inner thighs wanna they like each other. Let the inner thighs go in towards each other. And then spin the inner thighs back. And if you'd like to dance or hinge, reach, heart lifts, at the soul of the foot lifts.

I'm going over. That's okay. I'm gonna meet you. Hold for just one more second. One more breath. And bring it back up slow and controlled.

Let's shake it out. We'll come back to the mat, and I'll we'll talk about this in a second. Now is a good time if you'd like to. Remove that chair so you don't have anything in your way. Take one more big breath and reach it up. Little extension, exhale forward fold.

Inhale halfway up, long spine, straight, flat back, exhale forward fold, walk the hands up, last time, big breath in, belly drops, heart comes up and exhale. Inhale. An exhale forward fold. Big sweep in the hands all the way back up to Stan. Palms together and exhale hands to heart.

Join me for a moment. I'm gonna take the blocks off my mat. And I'm gonna come down to my knees. Open the knees nice and wide. 2 options.

If you have sensitivity in your knees, you can put that pad underneath your knees. Or maybe because we're gonna go into a child's pose. It might feel better to take a bolster or a blanket and place it right there. On tops of the calves, bring the toes in towards center, sit the booty down, and walk forward. Are you holding?

Are you holding on? Are you controlling your body? Are you allowing your body to relax? On the next inhale, reach and start to walk both hands over to the right side. Keeping the hips neutral, try not to let them move, exhale and sink the left armpit down. Little more space, take a breath and walk the left hand just a millimeter further forward.

Come back to center. If you have blocks, just move them just slightly out of the way and exhale walk the hands over to the left side of the mat. Now it's the right armpit that's gonna sync. On the next inhale. See if you can walk that right hand just a bit further forward and exhale, drop the right arm, pit down.

Come back to center. And keeping a hold of this mat or this bolster, set it down, and let's come on to our tush. Reach the legs out. Oh, type person's best friend. Grab our strap bring that right foot in, Janu.

So right foot comes to the inside of the left thigh. Wrap that strap. Around the foot. And as your foot presses away, it'll help you. I should take a big breath in long spine exhale. Walk it forward. Strap is optional.

If your foot is within your reach, please do. Just keep a nice long spine. If you have that strap, remove it, switch sides, bringing that left foot in. If you wanna use the strap, put it around the right foot, you don't wanna use the strap quite a right exhale into our forward fold. Go ahead and bring it up. Strat is optional if you'd like to to extend both legs out.

One last big stretch. Take a big breath in. A little soft bend in the knees if that works for you. Exhale long spine. Walk the hands back up.

You can hold here. You can roll back into Shivasana for a moment. I'm gonna turn forward and cross my ankles. Balance, flow, flexibility, mobility. These things challenge so many of us.

Get in here, and we can get frustrated with ourselves. But the truth of the matter is if we learn to celebrate just the fact that we we showed up and we tried. That's everything. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. So just showing up is a pride moment.

So thank you for coming and practicing with me. Thank you for being willing to fall out of your pose for a moment and then get right back up and keep trying. So continue to be flexible, continue to work on that mobility, meet me back here on the mat again, and I hope to practice with you again soon on that stay.


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Jason’s reminders “to have own approach to practice and choose the level of challenges each time” are very helpful. I feel stronger when working  with  “Slow wins the game” in balance poses and transitions. I did fall out at the beginning but got more stable the second time. I learned step by step new ways to use a  chair to assist with Dancer Pose and Standing Figure Four.  Thank you very much!  I look forward to more series of shows with Jason. 

Jason S
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Sharon always appreciate your thoughtful comments.   Really don’t believe there’s such a thing as perfection in our practice.   Some days - we feel good and feel aligned, strong and stable.  And some days, everything creaks a bit and we feel unstable with both feet on the ground in tadasana.   The real secret is to find balance in our minds - the grace to know that every day is not the same and that is okay!
Muz M
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Another really enjoyable class by Jason.  

Found the focus on strength and balance ideal for me today.
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Really loved this practice!!  Feels so good to get back on the mat:). Thank you...
Dawnie P
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Great practice. Just getting back to yoga after a hip replacement. This was perfect. Appreciate the cues and reminders that it’s okay to fall out of the pose and get back in. The chair was a great support, but not an impediment as I have found with some chair yoga. Thanks, Jason
Christel B
Wonderful class! When doing thread the needle, lifting the arm up to the side before going down,  my arm does not go as far as it used to or at least that's what I think because i don't remember not being able to go up easily before. Now I look and wonder why it won't go further up. I've been wondering if that's a common part of aging for some of us. Anyway, I love your attitude.
Jason S
Christel B that's a really good question.   The truth is likely TIME.   Our bodies change constantly - hormones, pregnancy, age, injury, weight gains/loss, lifestyle (do you sit for long periods?  Are you hunched over a device/computer for long periods?  Drive a lot?)....all of these things (and many more) can result in changes of how our bodies move.    Stiffness in your lumbar, thoracic or even shoulder joint could limit rotation.   But the good news is that with regular practice and breath-work, we can typically add range of movement.   I say, celebrate what you accomplished today, in the body you have today, and worry less about what you used to do.  That was then, but now is now.
Jason S
Dawnie P kudos to you for getting back up into your practice.  As I mentioned to Christel B - worry less about what you used to do and more about what your body can and wants to do, now.    Keep up the great work - your effort is EVERYTHING!

Jason S
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn Welcome back to the mat.  So glad we were able to practice toegether.
Jason S
Muz M love seeing you come back to practice with us again.   Keep it up and keep trying new and fun classes.  Variety!!!

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