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Practice with Jani

Start at the beginning. Breath and bandha are essential to the Hatha yoga practice. In seasons 1 and 2, Jani explores the intricacies of these somewhat forgotten practices of pranayama, bandhas, and marmas. In season 3, he weaves these lessons back into our asana practice to align with the roots of Hatha yoga.

Season 1 - 8 Pranayamas

In Season 1, Jani will guide us through four abdominal and four ujjayi breathing techniques, demonstrating how each applies to the asana practice. These pranayama practices can be done on their own or within the asana practice.

Season 2 - 8 Bandhas and Their Marmas

In Season 2, Jani will share tutorials on 8 Bandhas their associated Marmas so that we can apply this to our asana practice and ultimately improve our concentration.

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