Wait for It Bija Mantra Meditation

15 min
What You'll Need:
No props needed
Kate, along with her husband Legare, leads us in a call and response chanting practice of the Bija Mantra or seed sounds—LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, and OM.
Jun 01, 2017
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Oh my goodness I feel so light, almost like a feather and my whole body feels like it's feeling small vibrations, I feel great what a way to start my day. Thank you so much. Namaste.
24 days ago

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beautiful as always

22 days ago

Angela Juso !! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I absolutely love the Bija Mantras. So powerful. So potent. Love love and more LOVE coming your way, Sweet Yogi Sister!
22 days ago

Thanks, Judy Siek !!! Grateful you shared this moment with our little family. Husband and wife and child (in my belly) all chanting the mantras together. Abounding LOVE
22 days ago

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I can feel it. i think I will try it next month for my teacher training. just beautiful.
22 days ago

Sweet, Judy Siek ! So glad the transmission cane through for you. Let me know how it goes if you do. Love Love Love
21 days ago

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