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Season 3 - Episode 10

Bija Mantra Meditation

10 min - Practice


Kate, along with her husband Legare, leads us in a call and response chanting practice of the Bija Mantra or seed sounds—LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, and OM.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi, y'all. This is my husband, Liguri, and he's going to join me today. We're going to chant the bija mantras for you. So the word bija simply means seed, so we're going to place a seed of sound along the spine at the chakras. So we're going to start at the base of the spine and move our way up. The first sound is lam. So it's at the base of the spine or the pelvic floor, lam. The second sound is vam, and this is in the lower abdomen, or you might feel it at the back of the body at the sacrum. The third sound is ram. You'll feel that at the upper abdomen, or bring your awareness to the upper abdomen. Again, you might also feel it at the back of the body and the spine. And then the fourth, coming to the heart chakra, is yam. So maybe feeling this just in the center of the chest or at the heart. You could even feel it at the back of the heart between the shoulder blades a bit. And then coming up to the throat, hum. So maybe feeling this in the neck, in the throat somewhere, just bringing your awareness to this area. Sixth chakra, the sixth one is om. So we'll bring our attention either to the third eye or maybe the center of the brain, if you feel it there. I like bringing my attention to the center of the brain for that one. We're often taught third eye, but I really like it in the center of my brain. And then the last one is the crown of the head. So the seventh chakra, we're going to chant the sound om, but it'll be like a resounding om. So we'll actually chant om at the sixth chakra as like a sing-songy chant. And when we get to the seventh, we will just chant together om. So we'll move up the spine. And we'll do this twice, call and response. And then once we'll do it as together. So we'll do it three times for you. So just find yourself in a comfortable seated position. You could even do this in a chair or standing, but somewhere where your spine is upright. And just nestle in and relax. And remember that if the sound in any way makes you feel uncomfortable, usually it's just the mind getting self-conscious about the sound of our voice. So try to relax into the body. The body is not self-conscious. See how the body responds to the sound.


Judy S
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beautiful as always
Kate Smith
Angela !! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I absolutely love the Bija Mantras. So powerful. So potent. Love love and more LOVE coming your way, Sweet Yogi Sister!
Kate Smith
Thanks, Judy !!! Grateful you shared this moment with our little family. Husband and wife and child (in my belly) all chanting the mantras together. Abounding LOVE
Judy S
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I can feel it. i think I will try it next month for my teacher training. just beautiful.
Kate Smith
Sweet, Judy ! So glad the transmission cane through for you. Let me know how it goes if you do. Love Love Love
Lydia Zamorano
you guys. Kate Smith Touched and that made my day. Baby in my belly now too... and to chant with your family... xo
Kate Smith
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Thank you Thank you Thank YOU Lydia Zamorano ... I've seen your incredible baby belly posts on Instagram....It was really sweet to chant with my husband on camera with our little sweet one in my belly. One of my favorite practices...Love the Bija Mantras...And it's so cool to think that when you're preggers you have TWO sets of chakras within....!!! Abounding LOVE to you, Sister! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
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Beautiful & powerful, thank you Kate Smith ! x
Kate Smith
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So glad you enjoyed it svl_ml ...LOVE coming to YOU through the cosmos.....
Debra D
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Dearest Kate - thank you so much for this bija practice and for all of these Yin episodes. They have helped me at a difficult time 🙏🏻🌺🙏🏻 Much love 💙
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