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20-Minute Yoga Flows

You're busy, but you don't want to skip your yoga practice. These flow practices are designed to energize, refresh, and strengthen in just twenty minutes.

Season 2 - Sarah Beston

In Season 2, Sarah shares well-rounded Vinyasa practices that are designed to help you feel grounded, fluid, strong, open, and balanced while inviting a new sense of ease and freedom into the body and the mind.

Season 3 - Robert Sidoti

In Season 3, Robert leads several energizing and empowering practices will give you that full body workout you crave. Together we move at a steady and rhythmic pace to get your heart pumping and your energy flowing, and have a great time doing it! You are going to gain strength, mobility, and flexibility, stretch and breathe, and build endurance and vitality. 

Season 4 - Sarah Beston

In Season 4, we draw our awareness inward while exploring areas in the body where we tend to hold habitual tension. Together we flow intuitively through Sun Salutations and standing and balancing shapes, to find space, and release stuck energy in the body. You will feel present, energized, and tension-free.

Season 5 - Bex Urban

Treat yourself to a full-body yoga practice you can fit into your day. This season, we cultivate clarity, focus, and a sense of gratitude for Self, helping you feel re-energized so you can meet the world with balanced action. In just 20 minutes, you will strengthen your body, rejuvenate your mind, and invigorate your spirit.

Season 6 - Sarah Beston

In Season 6, we focus on deep hip and heart openers, low back and shoulder relief, and find freedom in the body, mind, and spirit. These quick, energizing sequences will help you show up to your day with more clarity, ease, and awareness. 

Season 7 - Justin Randolph

Season 7 is a collection of Recipes for Joy. Together we explore the joy of movement, breath, and imagination. Weaving elements of Vinyasa, Yin, and Katonah Yoga, we get deep into the hips, go upside down, and dive inward to discover a new perspective. We conclude each practice with a moment of still reflection on the magical effects of self engagement, leaving you feeling challenged, inspired, and joyful.

Season 8 - Shantani Moore

Welcome to Season 8 of 20-Minute Yoga Flows with Shantani Moore. This season, we invite you to give yourself permission to feel good, engage in fun transitions, and play with the concept of a circle. Each class is designed to energize and unwind, leaving you feeling strong and powerful.

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