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The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing

Sequencing a Vinyasa class is an art. Join Rosemary as she instructs us in the fundamentals of Vinyasa sequencing. Rosemary breaks down for us 3 different sequencing approaches, each with 2 episodes. In the first episode, Rosemary instructs us how to create and teach a sequence to your students, including how to link poses together, including peak and preparatory poses, how to create the overall physical and energetic arc of a class, as well as provide modifications and adjustments. The second episode is simply the practice, without teaching instructions.

We feel that this Yoga School show can be a benefit to all vinyasa practitioners.


Season 1

In Season 1 you will learn how to create a full cohesive class around three themes: Balanced Flow, Peak Pose, and Theme Based. There are 3 pairs of episodes, the first being the teaching instruction, the second being the flow without the instruction.


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I want a season 2!!
Thank you, Regan A ! Perhaps... ; ) 

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