Join Us for a Special Fall Equinox Harvest Practice

The Fall Equinox represents a transitional time of the year where we are asked to move from the big, expansive, and playful energy of summer to the more internal, still, and harvesting energy of Autumn. Fall gives us permission to slow down and reconnect with ourselves. There is a strength and stability in this season, as well as a deep wisdom and maturity that is calling on us to explore the depths within. In honor of the Equinox on Wednesday, September 23rd, Yoga Anytime teachers Kira Ryder, Alana Mitnick, and Brenda Lear will share a series of practices designed to help us cultivate, nourish, and harvest our inner bounty, honoring the dynamic stillness of Autumn.

About the Practices

Brenda Lear, Quiet and Nourishing Flow
Brenda will guide us in a nourishing vinyasa flow practice, drawing our attention inward as we find stability in the legs and spaciousness in the shoulders and hips.
Alana Mitnick, Rest and Renew
Alana will lead us in a restorative practice to rest and renew that will feel into embracing support in the body.
Kira Ryder, Exhale to Truth
Kira guides us in two gentle practices where we become intimate with the exhale. We play with some easy hip opening and twists, and close with a meditation in the first practice, and tune our relationship with the heart and the hands so that we can allow ourselves to feel held in the second practice.
The practices will be published on Wednesday, September 23rd as part of The Sun & Moon Show on Yoga Anytime.
Watch a preview here.
On behalf of Yoga Anytime, we are so delighted to be celebrating together. Participation in each episode will earn you a special Sun and Moon Fall Equinox badge for participating.
Sarah Beston
About the Author

Sarah Beston

Sarah is a yoga teacher and writer based in Los Angeles, California. You can practice with her on Yoga Anytime in The Heart's Delight, 30-Minute Yoga Flows, and The Vinyasa Show.


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