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Season 3 - Episode 1

Welcome to Fall Equinox

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The Fall Equinox represents a time to transition from the big, expansive energy of summer to a time of going inward, grounding, and nourishing your soul. Kira, Alana, and Brenda welcome us to Season 3 of The Sun and Moon Show. In this Fall Equinox special, they will share a series of practices to honor the coming months of Autumn.
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Sep 17, 2015
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Could you please let me know when the show starts Setember I can add it to my favourites.
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Janis ~ Thank you for your forum post. This show will be published at midnight (PST) on September 23. I hope you enjoy this show!
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Thank you for your wise advice about coping with the change of season, and how to make it a positive, fulfilling time; wishing you all a fruitful Fall!
Thank you for being here, Emma! xo

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