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Welcome to Fall Equinox

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The Fall Equinox represents a time to transition from the big, expansive energy of summer to a time of going inward, grounding, and nourishing your soul. Kira, Alana, and Brenda welcome us to Season 3 of The Sun and Moon Show. In this Fall Equinox special, they will share a series of practices to honor the coming months of Autumn.
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Sep 17, 2015
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Welcome to the first day of fall, as well as season three of the Sun and Moon show, the fall or autumn equinox. Again on a day when we find the sun and the moon having equal billing in the sky. Equal day, equal night. And so again we find ourselves in the awkward position of needing to allow for this transition because as we come out of summer into fall, we're being asked to move from this big expansive exciting energy into more of a harvesting, nourishing space. And yet the life can feel the opposite because you go from being on the beach and having a nice time to school back to work and these sorts of things.

So you go from a very loose time into a very structured time and simultaneously being asked to find this nourishing quiet. So it's complex. The daily life does not really reflect the ask of the real seasons. And so with my friends here, Brenda and Alana, we've done our best to share a set of sequences that might assist in encouraging this willingness to move more in. And so hoping that each will now share what we've put together.

I will be offering a strong, steady, slow, nourishing flow, reflective of the season and giving us the opportunity to also dive into stillness and really be in quiet as we dive into deeper seated poses. So being really reflective of this transitional time, giving ourselves nurturing moments, but also still that strength, steadiness that we see in the season. Beautiful. And I'll be sharing a nourishing, restorative practice with some gentle movement to help invite our awareness from our head down into our hearts and our bodies, also with the invitation to practice embracing support and to be with what is, to be with ourselves in this time. And I'll be offering two practices, one that will be inviting us to start to get more accustomed to the quality of exhale, and another one that will employ some practices of pratyahara, the drawing inwards of the senses, particularly through the sense of touch, just to perhaps maybe allow it to be easier to be moving towards this inward time, even when it can seem like it's not what's supposed to happen.

Thank you so much, my friends, for being here. And thank you, you, for being here. We're in this together, so let us know how it's going. Love.


Janis J
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Could you please let me know when the show starts Setember I can add it to my favourites.
Gia C
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Janis ~ Thank you for your forum post. This show will be published at midnight (PST) on September 23. I hope you enjoy this show!
Emma K
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Thank you for your wise advice about coping with the change of season, and how to make it a positive, fulfilling time; wishing you all a fruitful Fall!
Kira Sloane
Thank you for being here, Emma! xo

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