The Sun and Moon Show Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 3

Nourishing Flow

55 min - Practice


There is a maturity and wisdom that comes with the Fall season. Brenda guides us in a slow and nourishing practice, drawing our attention inward as we find stability in the legs and spaciousness in the shoulders, heart, and hips. You will feel quietly centered, refreshed, and grounded in a sweet ease.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Beautiful practice! Lovely transitions.
So glad you liked it Wendy.
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I enjoy the repetition! Feel really open.. :)
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That was really nicely sequenced! And a great pace. Fabulous. Thank you!
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Thank you so much, really enjoyed this :)
Beautiful practise, beautiful lady. I love your style of teaching. Thank you! x
Lovely! Beautifully balanced yin and yang (vin) practice. Thank you.
Lovely and rejuvenating! :)
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Great movement stretch. First time.
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Great peaceful and restorative class. Brenda, will you be creating/posting any more classes in the near future? (I hope so!) Thank you.
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