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Season 3 - Episode 2

Exhale to Truth

30 min - Practice


Only through constraints can poetry occur. Kira guides us in a practice where we become intimate with the exhale. We play with some easy hip opening and twists focusing on emptying the breath, and close with a seated meditation with awareness on the exhalation.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you. That was a perfect re-introduction to yoga, and my inner world. I love the analogy of in and out breath with the seasons, it may well help me through this breathing out, letting go time.
Thank you for practicing with us today, Joanna. xok
This was amazing!
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What a lovely, wise practice. I often find emptiness of breath a little scary; as that practice progressed, I found more peace with that - thank you for guiding us towards the calm, Kira! I finished that session just before the lunar eclipse, which felt most fitting! A joyful Fall to you All!
Dearest Emma, thank you for being here. Wasn't that eclipse amazing?! xok
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I've discovered that when my nervous system is particularly wonky, the feeling I have after coming down from bridge on empty is like post-shimmy, but richer. Yum! Thanks for a new tool for helping to soothe Kira!
Meg! Love!
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Thank you so much for this simple but such interesting work with bridge pose and breath. The type of yoga I love!
More more more!
So beautify the way the attention streamlines to the axis on empty. Thank you for your loving guidance.
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Lovely to be calm-friendly with the empty. Thank you.
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