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Season 3 - Episode 4

Rest and Renew

50 min - Practice


Fall gives us permission to go inward, get quiet, and reflect. Alana guides us in a nourishing restorative practice that explores embracing support in the body. You will feel calm, peaceful, and held.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket (2), Block

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Sep 23, 2015
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Hi Elaine! Thank you for joining me. I'm so delighted that you enjoy the practice.
Aaaahhhhh.........Lovely practice. Namaste
Hi Jonny, Thank you for being here! I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice. Namaste.
Namaste, Evrim. I see that you are tuning in from Turkey, one of my favorite places. Blessings.
Hi Alana, glad I found this wonderful Yin practice. I love having the time to relax and open into a position. Having tight hips, I enjoy those hip openeing sequences. The side bends feel lovely, unfortunately I am not that flexible and unable to get very low, but I did feel space in my sides. I will do this every evening to restore and calm. Thank you for ypur teachings.
Beautiful, Joan. Yes! Restorative and Yin practices have saved my life over the years... I am so glad you found this practice useful. That side body stretch is one of my favorites to get into and explore the low back, hip, ribs, and shoulder. Enjoy! Love, Alana
I found Yin 2 years ago and I adore it. It's best for me to really open tight places. This will be an every day practice for me, and I'll keep working on that side bend. Grateful for your guidance.
Joan, So glad you are here! I admire your dedicated practice. Love, A
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