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Rosemary welcomes us to Season 5 of The Vinyasa Show in which she shares a wide variety of fun and creative vinyasa flow practices. This season will explore deep backbending, hip opening, creative lunge sequencing, and an essential flow practice. Dive in!
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Jan 18, 2016
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(waves crashing) Hello, and welcome to The Vinyasa Show. My name is Rosemary if we haven't met, and I'm really really excited to share this body of classes with you. I love, of course, the Vinyasa practice because of the creativity and the flexibility in sequencing that it allows, so you can really zero in on things that you might want to explore, or parts of the body that need a little love and attention, or just something that feels fun, which we've definitely done this time around. So let's see, you're gonna find all kinds of stuff. Some deep back bending, some deep hip opening, which I love, a little fun with arm balancing, and a sort of crazy, creative lunge sequence that deals with no warrior one or warrior two, kind of shake up the routine a little bit, and also a sequence that I really love, basically just an essential flow that moves you through some sun salutes, some standing poses, seating poses, back bends.

It's a really nice comprehensive, overall practice if you're looking for a solid flow that covers a little bit of everything. And then there's a little bit more in there. My hope was to offer a variety of things, depending on your mood, your body, just what you might be feeling for, and to make it a little bit fun and creative while we're at it. So thank you so much. It really is such a pleasure and an hohnor to share the practice, and I hope it serves you and your body and your life.

And I wish you all well, thank you so much, and Namaste.


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