Practical Magic Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Space is Happening Everywhere

45 min - Practice


Kelly points us to the inner space that is always present and available, guiding us in a deep low lunge pattern and flow for the shoulders, hips, and heart. With attention towards locating stability, we explore the miracle of this body, moving and resting in the magnificence of what truly is.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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That was wonderful. Thank you.
Hi Judy,
So happy to practice together! Thank YOU!
LOVE, Kelly
So happy to have you in my home! Your light is so bright and beautiful. What a wonderful practice!
Laurie!! LOVE! So happy to be together here!!
Thank you so much for practicing and for sharing your shimmer!
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We need to have 60 min. Classes. Is it possible to more classes 60 and even 90 min. Classes
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Dearest Bainche, thank you so much for your suggestion. We are hoping to release some soon. xo kira
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I loved the Olivia Newton John reference! I found so much space. This is beautiful. Thank you
LOVE to you all!
Sweet Jenny, so happy to hear! Thank YOU!!
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Simply a wonderful practise. So engaging and uplifting. I love your guidance Kelly. Jai Ma!
Thank you so much, Simon! So happy to be in practice together. All goodness! JAI!!

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