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Building on the sequences of the first season, Bex welcomes us to Season 2 and encourages us to find both the play and challenge in our practice.
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Dec 16, 2015
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(waves crashing) Welcome to Season Two, Bend it Like Bex. These sequences continue our conversation and expand the dialogue. So when we meet on the mat, we find our edge, we're playful, we find challenge and we just allow what's ready to be revealed to be revealed. There are longer practices, delving into space where you can really listen to what's appropriate for you and where you wanna move through the practice with strength, with core integration, with that precision that allows you to find refinement. As we explore wholeheartedly, we move in a way that meets us exactly where we are and gives ourself permission to know we move from a place of our best intention, and then the alignment shows up the way it shows up.

So thank you for practicing, knowing that the work that you do on the mat supports you and all of those around you, thank you for taking time to take care of yourself, for slowing down, and allowing yourself to be organically you. It's always an honor to meet you on the mat. Namaste.


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