The Sun and Moon Show Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 4

The Fertile Darkness

35 min - Practice


When we nourish the darkness we can be more inspired by what is born. We begin by attending to the lower body and move through some postures to open the front body. This practice incorporates elements of both yin and yang, staying low to the ground. You will feel grounded and free.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Feels good getting down into that black earth!
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And so so SO good hearing Kira's voice. Love indeed ??
Hi Kira,
My question is about this suggestion, "Domed-up in the upper palate"... I had a strong connection to my upper palate in your Fall class that brought in the Udiyana Bandha breath with bridge pose. Would you offer a little more description of this subtle anatomy and how to approach it? Thank you. Love!
Hi Rebecca! I hope you had a sweet holiday. Tell me what you feel with the instruction first, then I can be more specifically helpful. Happy to see you here. xok
Sweet! Thank you
Hi Kira! Yes, sweet sweet holiday. hope your's was sweet. I feel almost like a 7-up quality around the outer edges of my upper palate and the center actually feels as though its lifting and doming. Almost flying a wee bit. Your language brought my attention to an energy of subtle yet obvious movement that was taking place. I was curious if the upper palate was considered diaphragm-like in the experiential anatomy world and was curious, from an anatomy perspective, how to think of this landscape of the body. Any further thoughts on that? Super neat and new insight! xx
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Kira This was my first time with you. I have ... saved you, in a way. I wash´t ready, but... now. Yes!
Thank you for this clear and deep session. Really beautiful for me
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Kira, you are kind and gentle to your audience.
Dearest Thomas, thank you for being here. xok
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