Get a Backbone Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Standing in the Center

30 min - Practice


Awareness of our spine allows us to stay centered. With Julia’s help, Kate cues us through a sequence of standing poses that have an emphasis on letting our spine, our central axis, hold our attention. You will feel grounded and quiet inside.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 27, 2014
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Loved this video. You have such a unique way of teaching, it is really wonderful. The postures were to the point and I love the comments about making the poses "productive" for the individual and the "tremble of truth"? Anyway, my legs got quite the workout :D
Also, love love the muscle pants!
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I love this way of working, loving the cues, the images and the pace, gradually working through all of Kates sessions, and revisiting time and time again. Just Beautiful, Thank you.
I love the idea of this video, but it is really hard on my knees. Unfortunately I don't think I will do it again.
Pleasw please tell me where you bought those awesome leggings:
Judy, I got them from Black Milk...;))))
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I have had back surgery and I find these episodes very helpful.
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Valerie! We are so happy to hear this! xok
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Kate, I should have waited to do this when I was super fresh. I wasn't as present as I wanted (Iots of shaking) and not feeling things as deeply as usual, which also revealed itself in the final spine articulation. I finished seconds ahead and had to watch Julia and you enjoy the pose more than me. Slight bummer, but also a good session to check out again. A few cool things I want to write so I don't forget them: imagining the arches like the crown of the head, the relaxing of the feet, then ankles and knees, and the lifting the pelvis up and over... and find the stretch that works for you even (and mine was) really ugly. Would love more discussion about feet. This is one of my favorite things about yoga; have released so much pain and can feel so much more sensation. Hope you have a great weekend! Dave 

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