Get a Backbone Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Standing in the Center

30 min - Practice


Awareness of our spine allows us to stay centered. With Julia’s help, Kate cues us through a sequence of standing poses that have an emphasis on letting our spine, our central axis, hold our attention. You will feel grounded and quiet inside.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 27, 2014
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Loved this video. You have such a unique way of teaching, it is really wonderful. The postures were to the point and I love the comments about making the poses "productive" for the individual and the "tremble of truth"? Anyway, my legs got quite the workout :D
Also, love love the muscle pants!
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I love this way of working, loving the cues, the images and the pace, gradually working through all of Kates sessions, and revisiting time and time again. Just Beautiful, Thank you.
I love the idea of this video, but it is really hard on my knees. Unfortunately I don't think I will do it again.
Pleasw please tell me where you bought those awesome leggings:
Judy, I got them from Black Milk...;))))
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I have had back surgery and I find these episodes very helpful.
Valerie! We are so happy to hear this! xok

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