Get a Backbone Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

In a Wide Stance

20 min - Practice


Underneath both butt cheeks is a smile muscle. With Julia’s help, Kate leads us deep into our hips, pelvis, and inner groin by weaving together 3 wide leg poses. You will feel strong, stable, and grounded.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Kate Smith - you are awesome !!
Thank you for all of your detail, building one mindful cue after another . . . all just so biomechanically delicious.

and unicorn tights, srsly :^)
I love your teaching. Super precise cues but freedom to explore my individual body and needs. Thank you.
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Awesome! I  just love your teaching and your cues are amazing and so on point! i wish I could practice with you in person one day! Much love   Kate Smith
Katrin thank you! I would love to practice with you one day as well. :) Good cues have always been something I treasure...Gotta give credit to my teachers over the years....all their cues kept me inspired. A good cue goes a LONG way....Thanks for sharing in another cosmic class with me. Sending much love your way, Friend
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I agree with Katrin above. I felt like I was back in college and graduate school with a cool professor; instead of sitting around a table discussing literary criticism or Faulkner, we were delving into subtle and demanding physical practice. I really enjoy mirroring Julia, especially during the Goddess pose and raising my heels (oh my that took concentration). Love the arch as spine connection!  Also, thanks for being liberating-ly frank. 
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"liberating-ly frank" - I like that! Thank you David Goldstein !! I appreciate that someone out there sees my frankness as liberating.  ;)

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