Get a Backbone Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Rounded Open

30 min - Practice


Friends do push ups together. With Julia’s help, Kate shares a sequence of movements designed to stretch and strengthen the small deep muscles of the spine. You will be fresh, fluid, and juicy.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Oct 11, 2014
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I love that you brought subtle tones of pilates into this class. I really enjoyed it and you are a gifted teacher??
Sorry, question marks were a mistake. You are a gifted teacher.??
Thanks so much for your comments, Judy. So glad we got to share in a class together through the cosmos. Your words warm my heart. Much love coming to you, Kate
HI Kate, this really helps my pesky lower right back pain, which I think is a tight piriformis . Symptom is an achy it band. Is this the correct stretch ? I like that you make reference to specific muscles so I can refer to "yoga anatomy" for my issues. thank you again.
Hey Laurie! I'm so glad this helped your lower back pain. Always glad to know how the movements affect people. ;) Feel free to email me about the question in terms of the correct
Cheers and much love
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First of all ... I love your Y`ALL. This was the first word I learnt since we moved to Tuscaloosa two years ago. A wonderful rolling of the spine, my spine feels so good after your class. Also the Mermaid Pose will be one of my favorite poses, to use in my future class alternativ for the standing side bend or the lying one. Thank you so much.
So glad the Mermaid pose was a hit! I actually "stole" it from Pilates. And especially glad you can appreciate the "y'all"!
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Hey Kate, great class again. Will need to do a Savasana as soon as I finish; I released some serious soreness in the upper back with those seated bends. I looked up Paul Grilley's videos on YouTube. I perk up when you speak about him as Yin Yoga has done wonders with my body. So much to learn! The tricep connection in bridge (robot arms) was new and useful. And I have been using the tricep to upper back line of energy is really helpful. The argument you made about why to do pushups (bring blood to areas that need it) was a positive-spin. If I were coaching tennis still I would steal that for my athletes. I asked Lydia this yesterday, but do you stream classes? 
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David Goldstein I have loved your comments....very inspiring. And you are reminded me of all the old cues that I seem to have "forgotten" somehow. You're brining them back to life and making me re-ignite these little sparks into my daily life and routine. Yes, Paul Grilley is pretty amazing. I am grateful to have soaked up his teachers over the years... I do not currently stream a class. But I'm not entirely opposed to it. So perhaps you sparked something for me....sending you much LOVE

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