Get a Backbone Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Courageous Commited Conduit

60 min - Practice


We receive more if we are grounded. Kate weaves together the short movement patterns explored in earlier episodes to make a complete sequence. We begin with a fluid juicing of the spine. Then with keen attention to the deep intrinsic muscles, we move through a standing sequence designed to build capacity, strength, and courage to commit. We finish with a luxurious forward fold and savasana. You will feel open, grounded, and available.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Great practice! Thank you. Where did you get those cool pants?
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Thanks, Tesa! Gotta give all the credit of the pants to Black Milk. They are based out of Australia but now have distribution in the US. // Cheers and love, Kate
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thanks for a brilliant class. heels banded to earth in plank is a game changer! soo goood. love!
So glad the plank cue helped, Jody. Sending love your way…;)
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Time goes fast in this practice. Enjoyed it!
Great class. Found all the prompts super helpful.
Kim Mills! Thank you so much for your comment. Made my day. I've been traveling so I apologize for taking a while to get back to you. Sending love your way. Loved that we shared class together cosmically. ;)
More more more more more??
You are so awesome, Judy. Thanks for brightening my day with your curiosity for more. ;) Let's manifest it. I'd love to do more on YA. But I know there are plenty of others in line before me. So much LOVE coming out to YOU, Sister.
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Your practices are what my body craves. I am only 52 and have already had a total knee replacement and total hip replacement, so I find great comfort and freedom in the way you teach. I am ok with not ever getting my foot over my head, but your clear instruction is amazing and I feel like you are teaching to the students.
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