Get a Backbone Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Fight for Your Pelvis

25 min - Practice


We want to work smarter, not harder. Kate turns our legs on, and lubricates our spine with this dynamic practice. You will feel open and prepared.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Kate's a great teacher!
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Steve, you are AWESOME for watching and passing along your enthusiasm. Much love coming out to YOU.
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Whoa. This was so great. You ARE a very good teacher for me. I have some compression in low back and every time I tilt my pelvis, my chest caves in. So, with the cue to open the front of my body and release my shoulders, while curling in my tail, HUGE. And, really everything you said was incredible. :)
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We loved this practise. It feels very effective. You have a great way of guiding us into the body. Really helpful. Blessings!
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I joined Yoga at any time because Kate Smith is on here. Are used to take her class at Gaia yoga in Charleston she’s outstanding, knows her anatomy & doesn’t BS...miss you Kate!!! 
Thank you for being here, Paige Cane! 🙏 
Paige Cane how lovely to be here with you and enjoy a cosmic practice together! Thanks for the kind words, Soul Sister. :))) Abounding LOVE coming your way
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enjoyed this practice :))
Thanks, Fabian ! Glad to be here with you. :) 
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Amazing! Was in Charleston last weekend for my anniversary and thought of you. Google did not give me a number but did bring me here. You are an awesome yoga instructor. Was nice to hear your voice Hope you are well and happy!
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