Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Begin to Yin

25 min - Practice


Marinate in the sweetness of your intention. Kira leads us in a gentle supine Yin sequence designed to offer an easy entry into the Yin practice. You will feel held and calm.
What You'll Need: Mat


Nice to be here together. This first sequence is designed to start to get us used to offering ourselves to shape for a slightly extended period of time. We're gonna spend the entire ti...


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Kira Yin Love...#blessed. thank you
jgmarks! xoxokira
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Lovely practice Kira - thankyou xoxo
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hello julia! LOVE! xok
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Kira, thank you, it was grate!
Dearest Galina, happy to be practicing together. xok
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You teally inspired me to be a better yin teacher. Thank you so much??
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Thank you so much :)
Dearest Jaylene, thank you so much for being a teacher! So glad to be together here. xok
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Lovely guidance. As a teacher I love finding words to aid in connecting with the body. You have terrific words!
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