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Melody welcomes us to Season 3 of Yoga Love, where she will share practices, meditations, and talks to help you fall more in love with you. Together, we will explore themes of compassion, forgiveness, integrity, transition, and self-love throughout this season.
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May 26, 2016
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Hi, I'm Dr. Melody Moore, and it's my privilege to welcome you to season three of Yoga Love. In this series we're gonna explore lots of different ways of being loving toward yourself, and finding compassion for yourself. There are practices, there are meditations, and there are discussions around how to be in love with who you are and with where you are in each moment. We'll be exploring compassion, finding forgiveness for yourself, letting go of shame, and also finding forgiveness for others. We'll be doing an asana practice also around that theme.

We'll be discussing integrity, the alignment of what you think, say, do, and feel, and we'll also do an asana practice around integrity, being an integrity to our breath as we explore movement in a vinyasa flow. We also explore the theme of transition. I'm in such a big transition in my life, I thought it would be really important to share with you what I'm learning about grounding inside of the chaos and inside of the groundlessness of each moment as it continues to change around us, so I'll talk and lead a practice about transition and about finding yourself at home inside of all of the motion and commotion that's around us. So often each of us are in a deep resistance and in a committed resistance to what we feel inside, we have no capacity to get to know it, and it's very difficult, therefore, to talk about it, and so I offer a meditation practice of containment of emotion as it comes up for you. And in addition to that, I offer a shorter flow around being able to sit inside of the discomfort of big emotions that we're really wanting to fight against as they're happening, and I offer a couple of meditation practices, landing practices, getting grounded into the sense of what you are already, that you're already enough and already worthy.

So, I hope you'll explore the entire series with me and be able to benefit from each of these practices as you find more love for yourself, and for the practice of yoga itself.


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