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You're not alone. According to statistics, over 80% of Americans will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. Kira invites us to Season 1, where she will offer a series of practices dedicated to the investigation and hopeful relief and prevention of low back pain.
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Mar 12, 2016
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(waves crashing) Welcome to Season one. We're going to begin with our lower backs. According to the statics, over 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives will sufferer from lower back pain. So, it's common and you're not along. These practices are designed into invite investigation and curiosity to what might offer relief.

I absolutely required for these to be effective is your attention and your participation. Generally, it's understood across both eastern and western sciences that pain is the result of not being in connection. The temptation, when we're in pain, is to pull away, to numb, to ignore, to reject, to stand back. The latest research presented at this falls Fascia Conference is that where there's pain there's actually a deterioration of the connective tissue. There's a loss of communication.

And, you know that in your life, the most difficult relationships are the ones where you're not in communication. So, its' the same with pain. So, as we address the area of mischief, in this season, the lower back, okay. Your job is to be willing to move into where it might be uncomfortable. To move in with your mind, with your breath, and with your attention.

We have a series of pretty simple practices. Some on the floor, some in a chair, some are more designed for relief, and a few are designed for prevention. Because, once your low back starts to feel better, what can you do to perhaps, maybe, prevent a re-injury. So, we're in this together. You've got to let us know if these are working or not.

It's an experiment for us to start to share in this shorter bit-size form, and we love to know how it works. Love.


Lily A
You mentioned at the fascia conference that there was evidence that “where there is pain, there is actually a deterioration of the connective tissues, a loss of communication.” Could you share a link with me, Kira, or a resource? I would love to learn more about these findings! Sounds absolutely fascinating!
Kira Sloane
Lily A ! I will find you the reference! I used to hang out with a lot of anatomy dorks. xok

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