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The Happy Back Show

Season 1

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is common and can have any number of causes. This season, Kira invites us into a series of short, focused practices to discover what techniques bring us relief. She holds a space for exploration and assessment that allows us to investigate with gentle mindfulness.


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Kira, thank you for your gentle, encouraging teaching style which encourages me to return to yoga for healing and relief...and to accept the challenge to work toward a practice of yoga and learning to breathe.
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This is wonderful :) Could next season be on the upper back though? That part can get really jammed!
Kira Sloane
Dearest Alicia, great idea! Next season is with Arturo Peal who will be sharing how our emotions affect our back. Pretty sure there is some upper back included, but we will look into Season 3 as upper back. xok
Tracy B
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Just a huge thank you.  Multiple lower spine issues have kept me out of truly living.  This helps so much I can actually attend a concert this weekend without fear of pain.
Kira Sloane
Tracy B, I am so happy to hear the good news! Have a blast this weekend! xoK
Sumana Ramanan D
Is there a way to give a whole show to a friend?
Kira Sloane
Sumana Ramanan D, that is a great idea! Right now we only have a way for you to share episodes. I believe it's up to 5 a month. So, in 2 month, you could share a whole Season of a Show.

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