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Season 1 - Episode 3

Anatomy of Breath

5 min - Tutorial


The breath is constantly asking us to respond to her ever-changing nature, and pain generally comes from resisting change. Kira walks us through the anatomical shifts that occur with every inhale and exhale to illustrate that breath awareness can begin to relieve our pain.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 12, 2016
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(ocean waves) The breath is continually asking us to respond to its every-changing nature and where we end up getting into mischief or experiencing pain, is usually when we're resistan...


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Hey Kira,
Thanks for your demonstration of the movement of the breath and, of course, your never ending smile and enthusiasm. Miss you.
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Hi Kira
Thank you so much for sharing this insight.
I first watched the video a week or so ago and it has been such a revelation. I can sense a gentle dynamism to all the postures I have done since. And now I feel as if my spine lengthens with every in and out breath, even if it is sometimes only a tiny millimetre or two.
I am having such fun exploring all the new space and ease I have access to.
Thanks again
Ana! So miss you. kisses! xok
Mary, this news makes me so happy! xokira
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Your videos are some of my favorites, glad to find this new show! I love the humor and sense of lightness you bring to this without discounting the seriousness of the topic. Making it fun and creating a sense of goofiness really helped me create more allowance for the space, breath and lesson, and such a revelation! Thank you!
Michelle, oh this makes me so happy. Happy to be here together. xok

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