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Season 1 - Episode 4

Breathing into the Low Back

10 min - Practice


Find a constructive relationship with your low back. Kira offers a short floor practice to help coordinate breath and movement with the goal of bringing gentle attentiveness to any areas of pain in the lower back.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


(wave crashes) Let's continue this exploration of coordinating our breath and our movement in an attempt to develop a more intimate relationship with the area where there might be pain...


Thanks Kira. Great advice to increase the subtle awareness of the links between our breath and body!
Thank you Frederic! Glad to be here. xok
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thankyou so much Kira - one word- 'heavenly' x
hi Glynis, sweet to see you today. xok
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I just feel so privelidged to have access to these classes, which have opened up a 'whole new world' for me and my 'strong but wonky spine'! A 90 degree C curve which doesn't really show much apart from when I am in pain, then start to 'bend forwards'! Have been told by an Orthopaedic surgeon that 'Yoga is the best thing to do' for me so here I am! X
Glynis ! Wow!
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Awesome. I love the focus onto the sacrum roll on the back, in all fours, and the small movement back to feel it more in the lower back. Thank you! Silke
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Thank you
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I loved this!!!! I only wish each class was longer...1hr
Donna, that's a great idea. We were trying to share tiny solutions in this first season so we could get a sense of the right medicine. Arturo's practices in Season 2 are a little longer and we can take your suggestion for Season 3.
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