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Season 1 - Episode 12

Shake Out the Pain

1 min - Practice


Sometimes all that's required to relieve low back pain is to loosen up a bit. Here's one way you might try it: The Shakey Shake.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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So sometimes all that's required to relieve low back pain is to loosen up, so here's one way you might try it, the Shakey-Shake. Feet underneath the hips, bend the knees a little bit, and then begin to let the legs jiggle. And the way you know they're really jiggling is if you stop being self-conscious about your thighs. You really gotta feel the flesh of your thighs, like (voice bouncing) and as if you were on a rap video and you're really trying to make that booty jiggle. And then once you get that going, then you gotta start to shakey-shake.

And as you shakey-shake your arms, (voice bouncing) and then you know, because it feels good to so, you start to add a sound like (voice bouncing). Do it, c'mon, do it with me. (voice bouncing) Don't leave me out here alone. (voice bouncing) And then you really start to go, like somebody might just lock you up if they found you doing it (voice bouncing). And then you stop.

And when you stop (sigh), there's this sweet, sort of euphoric well spring of yum and you realize that expression, "get a grip," is completely wrong. Absolutely key to feeling good is to (sigh) let it go. See if that works. Love.


Galina D
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It was so fun and so nice! Thank you, Kira!
Gina P
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Love your yoga
Kira Sloane
Dearest Galina, fun to shake out together. xok
Kira Sloane
Gina! So sweet to see you here! xok
Simon ?
Oh yes! Love the reverberations when we stop the shake. :)
Kira Sloane
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Simon, isn't that fun! Jiggling is the best.
Victoria S
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Kira Sloane I just love your energy! This one made me smile like crazy... and jiggle like a looney! Loved it!
Kira Sloane
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Hahah, yes, Victoria! Way more fun!
Sandra Židan
Hi, Kira! I am already doing this when I feel strong fear or stress. I've started to do that intuitively and I felt better after it! It is a great way to relax! Kind regards!
Kira Sloane
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Sandra Ž, wonderful! yes! shaking is the WAY!

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