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Season 2 - Episode 8

Happy Hips

45 min - Practice


Self-trust is an advanced practice. Robert guides us in an accessible yin-like sequence designed to stretch and open our hips through long, deep holds. We begin with a full-body scan and relaxation to release any tension. We then move into a slow and meditative practice that will quiet the mind and make space for what arises.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


(waves crash) Hey there. How's it going? My name's Robert. Welcome to Yoga and Me time and if you've practiced with me before, welcome back. If you're new to me, nice to meet you.


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Awesome video! Thank you for being genuine and so accessible. You don't impose anything (belief, pace, range of motion, ...) allowing people to take only what they can/want/need. It really helped me letting things go. Thank you too for the laughs with your "oh Boy" that were right on point :)!
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I love Yin, and I have the tightest hips, so any Yin practice that focuses on the hips is so helpful. I enjoy how you let one sink into the postire and languish in the experience. Frog is a challenge, due to my terrible knees, so I needed a block under my hips and a bolster in front to enjoy this position. I walk 2 miles every day so this is wonderful before and after my walk to keep my hips more open. This will be an every day practice for me, thank you for your teaching Robert.
Hi Lucie! It's been 8 months since your comment, so bummed I missed it:( Just wanted you to know I really appreciate your words and am so happy you were able to let some things go. Are you still around practicing with YA?
Hey there Joan ... Practice this before and after a 2 mile walk?! That sounds perfect! I'm glad you were able to block and bolster up to make the pose more accommodating:) Keep on keeping on!!
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45 minutes of awesome! Best hip opening class I've ever had in 12 years of practice. I like the pace and was surprised how relaxed I was in frog, usually I tense up in my shoulders in this pose today I was able to relax. This will be my go to hip opening practice from now on :)
Hey there Jasmine T.!! Sooo happy this practice felt good for your and your hips :) I really appreciate the comments, so fun to hear back from people!!
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Excellent class slow motion Yin, can you give a traditional yin practice, special request. blanche Pint0. thank you kindly
Hey there Blanche ✌️ Glad you enjoyed the class! I’d love to instruct a yin class, will be sure to let you know:))
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Love this class and how you encourage me to stay in the posture. I get cramps under my left foot during the very wide “frog” posture. Have to get out of the posture but gets better when I go back afterwards. Eva
Hi Eva !! Welcome to the ‘foot cramp club’ :)) Happens often in various poses, totally normal - I love that you back out and re - enter without the cramp, a good skill to have on and off the mat 👌✌️ Thanks for commenting and being here!! 
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