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Season 3 - Episode 14

Softening the Sense Organs

10 min - Practice


Soften back into ourselves. Margi guides us in a meditation practice of drawing our senses inward to find a more heighten sense of breath, sound, and inner ease.
What You'll Need: No props needed


(wave crashes) Hi, welcome back. I'm Margi. This is a seated practice, so it's important that you are seated comfortably, because we are going to be sitting for approximately ten minutes. It's complet...


My first yoga anytime video--thank you, Margi! I love this one and am going to suggest that my mother try it to help her find some calmness and groundedness in her current situation.
Oh that would be amazing if your mom could soften. It warms my heart to imagine that. I miss you. Thanks for watching. Love. m.

Margi, my mom and I watched/did this video today together, and she said she felt much calmer and more relaxed afterward. She actually asked me to download and save it for her! I'm going to do the breath awareness video with her this weekend. Thank you so much. This platform makes yoga so much more accessible for people who couldn't access it otherwise. Miss you too, and sending love.
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What a gift this practice is! I feel softer in all ways -- such a relief after a stressful morning, and such an immediate transformation. The day seems new again.

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