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Season 1 - Episode 2

Gratitude Meditation

10 min - Practice


When we can appreciate all that we have, our dissatisfaction will soften. Let this simple gratitude meditation help you connect with all you love and care about, and create space and opening for our challenges and difficulties.
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(waves breaking) Welcome. We'll be doing a gratitude meditation today. And to prepare to sit, we'll be moving our spine in the six different directions that it goes. So as you're ready, inhale, interlace your fingers, and take your arms up overhead. And with your exhale, round through the spine, chin in towards the chest.

Inhale reaching back up. And exhale turning the gaze inward. Inhale extending back up overhead grounding down evenly through the sitting bones and then reaching over to the right continuing to press down into the left hip. Inhale, sweep back up through center. And exhale over to the other side.

Taking it a little farther this time. Come back through center. Release the hands, drop the right hand down, left arm sweeps up and all the way up overhead. And as you breath in, sweep your way up and exhale over to the other side. Getting that nice lateral side stretch.

Inhale, sweep your way back up through center. Arms reach up and then just take a twist over your right shoulder. Make your way back up through center. And exhale to the other side. Finding your twist once again to the right, release your hands down.

Sit up a little taller as you breathe in and with your exhale take your twist further over. Breath in, come back up through center and exhale to the left. Lengthening and deepening. Now feeling a little more comfortable in our seat. Perhaps, maybe, even perching on the edge of a blanket.

Now I find in my personal practice and also in working with students and clients that the more that we focus on the things that we appreciate and have in our lives, the easier it is for us to move away from the dissatisfaction that we feel. And so, I put together a gratitude meditation. Where we can place our hands together in front of our heart. If you're comfortable, close your eyes. Without changing anything, just notice your breath.

So drop your awareness down into your body. And place your hands over your heart feeling your heart beating inside your chest. Appreciating this heartbeat. Grateful for this breath. Bringing your attention and your presence to this moment of being alive.

And resting your hands to your thighs. Continue to observe the breath. And allow your awareness to drop down into your heart space. And for a moment, think about the people who reside there. The people that you care about, the people that you love.

Perhaps imagine them flashing before your eyes. And appreciating the people in your life that you love. Wishing that they may be free from suffering. That they may know love and peace. And shift your awareness, your attention, into your physical sensations.

Sensing the ground underneath you. The air against your skin. And appreciating the world that we live in. The beauty of nature that surrounds us. The sun and the sky.

The air that we breathe. Grateful for the world that we live in. And consider the other people that you encounter in this world. Perhaps the people who open the door for you. Or deliver your mail.

Or people that we know but perhaps not really well. Feeling grateful for how they help to sustain us. That they may be free from pain and suffering. That they may know love and peace. Inhaling deeply (inhales).

And as you exhale (exhales) consider the people that challenge you in your life. The people who push us to grow. The people who make us stronger in ways that maybe we didn't know we needed to be. And if it seems possible wishing that they may be free from pain and suffering. That they may know love and peace.

And if you notice resistance here, honor that. Knowing that the heart does what it's ready for. And shifting your attention and awareness to the wider circle of life. To all beings in this world. To all the creatures in nature.

Considering the harmony that you're a part of. And opening to a deep appreciation for the world that we live in. And for the opportunity to live this life. Trusting that the universe doesn't make mistakes. And that all unfolds as it should.

And as you're ready, blinking your eyes open. Bringing your hands together. And we bow forward with namaste. The light in me honors the light in you.


Oceanna M
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You have an incredible gift Denise. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Your meditation allowed me to connect with myself in a way that I hadn't been able to in years. Thank you.
Denise Antonini
You are absolutely welcome Oceanna! Thank YOU for your thoughtful words. It brings me joy that the meditation spoke to you. Be well.
Fiona B
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Beautiful and wise sentiments, thank you ????
Denise Antonini
You're welcome Fiona! Thank you so much for your kind words and allowing me to be part of your yoga journey.
In gratitude,
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That was a beautiful meditation thank you so much.
Denise Antonini
I am happy that it spoke to you Sam! Hope to see you back soon
Peter Sterios
Just the centering and gratitude I needed today. Thank you for the lovely meditation.
Denise Antonini
You are absolutely welcome Peter! I am happy you carved out the space to take care of yourself.
Beautiful meditation thank you.
Linda Baffa
Beautiful meditation. Thank you for sharing your awareness and consciousness with us all and reminding us to be humble and grateful. Namaste!
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