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Season 1 - Episode 3

Third Chakra Flow

35 min - Practice


Embrace the fire within. Rob leads us through a fiery third chakra flow sequence that connects us with our core power center. We move through standing and balancing postures, while exploring Apana Vayu and Prana Vayu—the downward and upward flow of energy. You will feel centered and strong.
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Jun 15, 2016
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(ocean waves) Namaste, namaskaram. So today we're going to be focusing in on the third chakra. And I know most of us think of really, that the third chakra here, Manipura, but we're gonna feel this all through the whole upper body and really deep down into our center into our core. So we're gonna just start opening up the feet, nice wide hip distance, and just take a soft bend into the elbows. Let the palms face up.

Just feeling Hasta Mudra. A balance between heaven and Earth. You may even notice there's a gentle sway in the body, its natural rhythm. Just begin to hear the calling of the breath. Feel the soles of the feet, just rooting to the earth like a tree, drawing that nectar of life up.

As you inhale, let the hands softly rise towards the shoulders. Exhaling, let them turn and gently float down to the earth. Inhale, as you feel that softness, rising, drawing up, exhaling as they turn, floating down. And just coming together here in this moving meditation. We enter into the flow, not only of the breath, but that flow of life.

That divine current. Today, really as we come into this meditation, this practice into the core into our fire center, feel that radiance not only of the outer sun but the inner Surya, the inner sun awakened. These movements of Apana Vayu as the hands are floating down. The movement of Prana Vayu, that drawing the energy up. So we'll just take our time, just slowing the breaths, slowing down, to connect to that inner fire, that inner light.

So we'll offer together the sound of Ohm to these two movements of Prana. The first chant will come as the hands float down to the grounding energy of Apana Vayu. There will be a pause in the hands, and then we'll chant to the rising energy for the Prana Vayu, lifting us up, to the sun, to the heavens. So feel that exhale completely releasing. Inhale as you rise.

First chant together. Ohm. Inhaling here. Ohm. And then drawing to the heart center.

Feeling that fire awakened here at the heart. The eyes just softly opening. So welcoming yourself, welcoming on this journey today. Just coming to the top of the mat, stepping to Tadasana. Big toes mount together, heels just slightly apart and just feeling now that drawing into the center, rooting powerfully.

Lift the toes, spreading them, and then feel as the toes softly rest down. Inhale, feel the arms extend out rising to the heavens Exhale as you fold, coming down Uttanasana. Inhale, feel the spine just lengthen halfway, and if you need to, taking the hands to the shins, really find that length of the spine, lifting the heart, exhale, bow, lead with the heart, fold slightly deeper. Inhale, sweep out, rise, coming up two more times, just like this. Exhale as you fold, coming down Uttanasana.

Inhale, feel that length again, reaching the heart forward. Exhale, and fold. Inhale, sweep out, rising, gazing up, lifting hot. Exhale, as you fold, coming down Uttanasana. Inhale, feel the spine lengthening, and as you exhale, fold, planting the hands, stepping your right foot back into a lunge.

Feel, as you lengthen out. If you need to, come onto the tips of the fingers, press down, pull up through the belly, sending the left foot back into plank. Feel that danda now. Tuck the tailbone, scoop the belly, gaze slightly forward, as if you're looking to the future, looking to that intention, look to the fire. Exhaling, Chaturanga, either down to the belly, or stay hovering.

Feel as you, feel the heart rising, coming up, Cobra, or taking it higher into Upward-Facing Dog. Drawing the hips up and back, into Down Dog, take a few moments. Breathe in here, drawing the triceps in, expanding out through the hands, lift the toes. Roll down through Pada Bandha. Feel the soles of the feet connecting to the earth.

The feet come together now, come into this Namaskar. Inhale, sending the right leg out and back, Down Dog Split. Exhale, coiling in, set the right foot forward. Keep the back heel lifted this time. Root down, sweep out, and feel that rising, coming up.

Now up to you, either looking up at to sun or gazing out, feeling that extension. Triceps drawing in, feel that length. If you feel any pressure in the lower back, soften the knee. Feel that extension out, rising, inhale, go up. Exhale down to the earth, stepping back into Plank.

Knees down, or straight legs, Chaturanga Dandasana, gazing out. Inhale at the heart, rising up, and then coil, pull from the center, up and back into Down Dog. And just take a moment, resetting here, feel the hands into the earth, draw in the triceps, and lengthen. Feet come together, inhale, left leg, let it rise out and back. Exhale, set the left foot forward between your hands.

Keep the back heel lifted, charge your legs, sweep out, rise, coming up gazing, either up or out, looking with intention, feel the fire awaken in you. Exhaling down to the earth, stepping back, and again, Chaturanga Dandasana high to low. Inhale, pressing, Up Dog or Cobra, and drawing up and back into Down Dog. So breathe in here. So, we're gonna take two more cycles, just like this, coming now into a flow, one breath, one movement.

So, take a deep inhale through the nose, open the mouth, and just let it out. (exhales loudly) So, as we come together as one, feet together, inhale, let it rise, exhale, right foot stepping through. Inhale, lifting up, rising high. Exhaling down, stepping back, Your Vinyasa, or skip the Vinyasa, any issues whatsoever always honor your body, honoring your flow, breathing back into Down Dog. Feet together, left leg, inhale, let it rise, exhale, as you coil, stepping through.

Sweep it out, rising up, gazing out or up, exhaling down, stepping back, pull from the center, and letting it flow, Chaturanga, Up Dog or Cobra, and drawing it back, into Down Dog. One more cycle: feet together, inhale, right leg, exhale, stepping through. Sweep out, rise to the Heavens, look to the sun. Exhaling down. Your flow, rooting through Hasta Bandha through the hands, and then drawing back through the center.

Feet together, left leg, inhaling. Exhale. Sweep it out, rise, come up, and drawing down Heaven to Earth, gazing out, Your Vinyasa, and rising. Coming back into Down Dog, and take a moment, just breathing here. Feel the body settle, you might start to notice the sweat coming, a little holy water, right?

Coming from the body, it's good to feel that. Feeling the body warming up, hearing the deepness of the breath, feeling yourself, just embracing that fire within you. Take a deep inhale through the nose, open the mouth, and, again, let it out. (exhales loudly) So, gazing forward, step or float, today, just taking it easy, We're gonna come into a little bit more core, so, bringing that easy within, and bring in your left foot forward to meet and fold. Inhale, sweep out, rising up, drawing the hands to the heart.

Just take a soft bend into the elbows, just let the palms face up. Feel that offer in Hasta Mudra. So, moving on slightly, as we come into a little bit more action. So, again, as I said, we're moving into The Fire. So, yeah, so we're gonna feel now, really, the third chakra, Manipura chakra, so we can't have a fire practice without doing some core work, okay, My Friends?

So, as we come, bending the knees, sweep out, rise into Utkatasana. And then, reaching your arms forward, and sitting towards the ground, see if you can extend. Root through the feet, sitting down, and then coming in Navasana. So, again, for those who might be new, My Friends, draw in the navel, you can use your hands. Don't force yourself to do anything if you feel this in your lower back, stay here, support yourself.

If you feel you're ready, you can take the arms out, very active through the toes, through the fingers. You might start to feel a little trembling in the belly, good. That's means your core's awake, right? So, you're gonna feel a lot more trembling in just a minute. So, lengthen, and then slowly, with control, coming down Ardavan Asana, right?

So, feet are active, radiate out, so long line, that Danda, right? Pull the navel down. See, it's hard to talk while you're here. And then, rising up Navasana. Exhale as we come down Ardha Navasana.

Inhale as you rise Navasana. Exhale, and inhale. And we're gonna do a few of these. And if you need to stop, stop. I'm gonna keep going.

If you need to go get some water, and just forget the core work, that's up to you. I'm gonna keep doin' it, even though I probably need this. It's like nearing that summer season, right? So, like, "Woo!" So, awakening the fire, right here, we're moving from our center. That third chakra.

(exhales loudly) And if it helps, stick out your tongue. If you start to tremble a little, make some noise. I actually like to make noise. Groaning actually helps throughout the practice, so. (loudly groans) Alright, let it out, and you're probably at home, or somewhere by yourself, so good, make as much noise as you want to be like, "Yes!" So, one more, rising.

And then slowly coming down slow, hover, hover, hover. And then releasing down, yay. And just letting one hand come to the heart, one hand to the belly. And just pause. Feel that inner fire just awaken.

That intention to the third chakra. Third chakra is really about decisions. It's listening to your inner voice. So feel that in inner voice awaken. So, take a deep inhale, open the mouth, let it out.

(loudly sighs) As you hug the knees in, rock up and down on the spine, plant the feet, rise, wooh, coming up. And hands to the heart. So, as we come to the top of the mat, once again, just pause, Hasta Mudra, reconnect to the breath to the flow of life here. Let the hands release, inhale, sweep out, rising up, and now exhale as you fold, drawing down, feel, that's the Apana Vayu energy, root down. Inhale, lengthening, exhale and fold.

Bend the knees, let it rise, come up Utkatasana, so sit deep and again, any shoulder issues, let the arms open, triceps in, no shoulder issues. Feel that coming together. Exhale and fold Uttanasana. Inhale, lengthening, exhale and fold. Bend the knees, rise up Utkatasana, one more, exhale, and fold.

Inhale halfway, exhale, fold, and plant your hands, step left foot back, feel that lengthening out. Step in your right foot, Plank, Your Vinyasa or skip it. Half or full, Chaturanga Dandasana, Up Dog, or Cobra, and drawing back into Down Dog. I'm sure you're all feeling that heat starting to awaken. So really embracing the fire today, don't worry, we'll come down to the earth soon, I promise, alright?

So, feet together, right leg, let it rise, exhale as you step the right foot between your hands. So, back heel with a slight angle, let the body rise up into Vira 1. And feel that same opening movement, exhale Apana Vayu. Inhale, let the Prana rise, exhale, feel Heaven just pouring down. Inhale, let it rise.

Last time, exhale, and this time, right arm on the bottom, left arm on top, lift up, wrapping with eagle arms. Now, pull the body slightly forward, lift the back heel, and if you need to, step the left foot in, just a little. Gaze out in front of you, keep the heart lifted as you come up Vira 3 with eagle arms, right? So, you're opening the shoulders active from the center. Radiate out, and now moving from the earth, from your core, rising up, draw the left knee in, soften the right, and then wrapping that left foot around, Garudasana Eagle Let the arms lift up, interlace the fingers, left knee pulls in, Vira Mudra, thumb and index extending out, and then let it lengthen, reach forward as you softly step back, heel lifted, rise high crescent, exhaling down.

Stepping back, Your Vinyasa, or no Vinyasa, Up Dog or Cobra, and drawing back into Down Dog. Feet together, left side inhale left leg. Exhale as you step the left foot through. Back heel, slight angle, root down, and then let it rise, come on. Exhale, the hands floating down.

And then, from the earth, rising to the sun. Feel the radiance of sun; Heaven to Earth. One more time, inhale, and exhale. Now, left arm on the bottom, right arm on top, wrap, draw up, and now pulling in, lift the back heel, step forward, just a little, you don't have to float or make it too challenging. If you want to, you can.

Now, lift, press down, so, like a tree, root into the earth to rise, and from the earth, lifting up, pull into your center, right foot wraps around, bend the left knee, and then lift the arms up, interlace the fingers, send it back, and reach forward, look out, look to the future, look to your intention, go for it, reach for it, extend to it, stepping back, High Crescent, and down to the earth, through Your Vinyasa, and today, if you need, skip it. We're nearing the end, I promise. Flowing Up Dog or Cobra, and drawing it back in Down Dog. Take a deep inhale. Exhaling, inhale, and just let it out.

(loudly sighs) So, gazing forward, step your left foot between your hands, bring your right foot up to meet it, and fold. Bend the knees, sweep out, rise up, so, completing here, drawing the hands to the heart, lift the heels, so, as you sit towards the heels, just pause a moment. So, we're gonna set up, coming into Bakasana, and today, your Bakasana may look here, coming into this variation of Malasana, right? I will tell you, My Friends, as you practice, all arm balances are hip openers, so, no matter what, you have to open the hips, right? So, here we are, and today, stay here.

You may be like, "Oh, Jesus, open my hips, oh, Buddha, Ala!" Whoever it is, you know? Just let it open, breathe into it. For those who'd like to challenge themselves and like working to come on the hands, Hasta Bandha. Draw the hands back, press down, and then feel from the root, pull the belly in, just like we did in Navasana to Ardha Navasana. Resetting, knees high, lean to the hands, and then pull in, like there was a string to your sacrum tied to the belly, and draw it up.

And if you'd like, stay here, or float back. And then we're rising, and we'll all meet in to Down Dog. Inhaling, and exhale. Deep breath, inhale, sit a little deeper, let the heart release. And as feet come together, right leg inhales to the sky, draw the right knee towards the right wrist, turning the right shin unto the earth.

As you walk the hands in, lifting the heart, and as you exhale, leading with the heart, coming down to the earth, and just letting yourself just let go. Let the breath be soft. Let the eyes close. And if you feel any pressure in the knee, flex it, right foot, keeping it active, and just feeling that grounding through the earth. So, as you softly now walk the hands in, coming up.

(softly sighs) Sit to the right hip, bring your right knee center, as you bring the left knee coming on top, and again, roll forward, and the brothers out there who are practicing with me, you have to adjust a little of the jewels, that's okay. The ladies, don't worry about it, you'll understand. You don't have to worry about that, so. Feel the spine lengthen, lifting, and again, thumbs to the arches of the feet, if you're feeling any tension through the shoulders, right? If you'd like, take the right arm straight up, and maybe you need a little shoulder opener as we worked the arms today, so, left hand holds that right elbow, lifting high, and then those who would like full variation, left hand comes down, hand rotates, and the fingers interlace.

Heart is lifted, and again, feel free to stay here, or feel free to fold over. Feel the breath, sitting bones rooted down, lengthen the spine, close the eyes. Slowing down now. And as you come lifting back up, if you have the bind, hands releasing, so, a little bit, we're gonna come to the opposite side, moving in reverse. So, for most of you, as you're here, right?

Hands lift, start to walk to the right side of your mat, and as you do, lift the hips up, turn to the back of your mat, pivot on the feet, takes a little bit of right brain/left brain, right? And you'll be like back at the front, and then coming down. And you've just reset it the other way, so we don't have to move all the way through everything. So, feel that lengthen again, thumbs to the arch if you stayed here, left arm up, right hand can draw that left elbow, and if you did the bind on the other side, take it in here, you may find that your shoulders are not feeling it today, always welcome to modify. And then, if you like, hinging forward, and fold.

Just close the eyes, let yourself soften, breathing in. And as the body rises, hands will release. So, we'll be on the other side, so the right leg comes back, left foot pull out. Curl the toes under, just adjust, lifting here, release the toes, and then coming down to the earth. And just letting your eyes just close.

Let yourself soften, letting yourself let go. And feel the slowing down of the breath and quieting of the mind, that releasing to the earth. As you take a deep inhale through the nose, open the mouth, let it out. (loudly exhales) And then, walking the hands in, curl the right toes, extend the left leg out and back, completing this lunar cycle. Lower the left foot by the right. Lower the knees down, and then lower onto the heels, coming into Child's Pose, Balasana.

So, softly, just roll the hands, roll the body up, and then, turning off to the side, bring in the legs around in front of you, making sure that the sit bones are grounded, feet nice and active, right? So, feel that lengthen, lift the heart, and again, feel that rising up within, inhale, lift, reach to the sun, lift to the heavens, and as you hinge from the hips, folding forward, and again, ankles, feet, toes, whatever works for you, but draw the heart forward. Don't just bow and drop in. Lengthen, lift through the heart, lead with the heart in all you do. We've awaken that great fire, and so that listening to inner voice, let it lift to the heart and then lead with the heart as you bow.

And then let the hand turns palm-up, allowing to receive. Forward folds are a place of surrender. And then let the toes relax. I know, we're always used to trying to get to something. Let it go, let yourself surrender.

Bow to that inner teacher. And so gently, roll up, rolling all the way down onto your back, just take your time, being soft, and gently releasing down onto the earth. And just letting yourself let go. And again, here, I'm just gonna talk through this. There's still that movement of Apana Vayu, and the Prana Vayu, and the Apana Vayu is that energy of the body just surrendering down, letting go, there's nothing left to do, nothing you have to do.

And there's the movement of Prana Vayu, it is the rising of the earth below you. It is lifting to cradle your body. It is lifting to hold you. Surrender in her arms, surrender to that flow, that deep current within. Allowing just to be.

And just letting this moment here, allowing yourself to listen, listen to the sounds of the world going on around you, the sound of the beat of your heart, the pulse of the earth. You might even be feeling the radiance of the sun, the outer Surya, that outer light, connecting to that inner light within you, that inner divine flow. As you surrender completely. My Friends, for those of you who would like to stay here, feel free. Just stay as long as you need, resting in the flow of the earth in the radiance of light and sun.

For those who need to complete, just rolling off to your right, take a moment, and from the earth, pressing yourself up, as you rise, coming up to Seated. Once again, take that soft bend into the elbows, palms facing up, Hasta Mudra, right? It's the balance between Heaven and Earth. To hear that inner calling of that divine teacher within you, Satguru. As we draw to the heart, here at the heart center, we'll offer out the sound of Ohm.

Inhaling, Ohm. As you bow to god, goddess, within Satguru. Namaste.


Christine L
1 person likes this.
Hi Rob!

This was my first class with you- so glad I discovered you. This sequence was perfect for me this morning. Loved the male energy, and I feel my third chakra open and alive, ready to start my day. Thank you and namaste,
Tanya K
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OMG Rob, fancy meeting you here! I LOVED your classes back in DC (Monday nights at Flow!), so I seriously squealed in delight and disbelief when I logged on last night and discovered your classes on here. I see that you've moved on to California since then, whereas I find myself living in England. You just don't know how much being able to take your classes again warms my heart, you have such good energy! Thank you and namaste.
Briana N
I'm really enjoying this flow. Love the sense of humor and lightness of spirit!
Frederic M
Thanks Rob, wonderful class!
Paige G
Loved this practice! Challenging & powerful
Simon ?
Magical practice. Love the poetry. Blessings Rob.
I really enjoyed practising crescent moon lunge - I usually wobble on my front left foot but managed to keep it all together today. Also loved the Vira III to eagle sequence.
Raia T
Hi Rob 
I am Raya from Greece .... I love your energy and your glam spirit 😍.... 
Thank you 
Meagan P
I really enjoyed this practice! It's my first time practicing with you, Rob, but it will not be the last.

BTW, you are the first to actually get me into a Bakasana! I've always had flexible hips, but it seems that maybe they weren't strong? I'm actually hypermobile, so it seemed I shouldn't have such problems, but my legs would always slip off of my arms before I could get up off of the ground. Today, while I only made it for a few seconds,  it was that I could better feel how to get into that helped. I think it was how you had us go into the pose, from the ground up instead of moving into the arms. And how you explained how to move into the pose that really helped. I'm saving this video so I can keep coming back to that part.

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