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Awaken the life force within. Rob welcomes us to Season 1 of The Yoga Flow Show, where he will offer a series of fluid, dance-like, and energetic sequences that move from the root chakra to the heart chakra. See you in the flow!
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Jun 08, 2016
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(waves crashing) Namaste, namaskar, I'm Rob Hess, welcome to the Yoga Flow Show. So this season here with me on this journey, we're gonna be focusing on eight different dynamic practices, starting down at the root chakra, working up to the heart chakra where we expand and open to feel that vibrational energy. My practices that flow through my body are very dance-like, very fluid, very energetic, and they will awaken that life force in you. So I hope you enjoy this journey that I will be leading and guiding, and I will see you in the flow. Namaste.


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Thank you. Just joined you in your awaken the inner fire practice. Refreshing xxx

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