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Kyra welcome us to Season 1 of Yoga for Trauma, where she will share practical practices, tools, tips, and techniques to help us with the symptoms of trauma and stress.
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Dec 08, 2016
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(waves) Hello, my name's Keira Haglund and I'm a yoga teacher, somatic experiencing practitioner, and clinical social worker. And welcome to the first season of Yoga for Trauma and Stress. I'm so happy that you're here. In this season, I'm hoping to offer some practical tools, tips, and techniques that can help us work with symptoms of trauma and stress. And these techniques are designed to help shed some light on how we regulate our emotions and these tougher emotions like anger, anxiety, and how to mobilize stuck energy like depression.

The intention with this series is to give you some really practical tools to be able walk away, to be able to embody your world and your relationships in a safer way. I know as know as a clinician and a yoga teacher that these tools can work and I'm really curious to see and hear how they work for you. So again welcome and thank you for joining me in this journey.


Josie B
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Yeah! I am sooooo glad that you are here and doing this series. I am a Trauma Recovery Therapist (MFT) and have been really hoping that yogaanytime would create a trauma yoga series that I could refer my clients to who are hesitant to experience the vulnerability in their bodies in a group or public setting. Thank you!
Luiza F
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Let's begin the journey...
Linda C
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Thank you so much. I teach yoga at the Veterans Administration and many of my students have trauma. This has been an inspiring and educational series of classes. I have been integrating many of the ideas into my teaching. Namaste Kyra!
Sophie F
I'm SEP and yoga teacher .Let 's go together!
Amy S
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I am new to Yoga but not new to trauma. As a DV survivor and lost my father as a young preteen, I have a lot of pent up emotions and I'm really hopeful for this series. Anger and anxiety and depression have been hallmarks of my life, and while I'm starting to reach out to get mental health help, sometimes it feels good to get it out physically. Thank you!
Bridgid M
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I'm looking forward to beginning this new journey in my life - Namaste
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Welcome Amy! Thank you for sharing, we're so happy to have you here. I find the physical journey of this yoga practice is so important and helpful in addition to getting support for one's mental health, and I'm happy for you to take your wellbeing into your own hands. So excited for your growing practice :)
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Bridgid, we're so looking forward to sharing this new journey with you — Namaste :)
Hoda G
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I am very grateful for this show.
I just discovered it and find it very helpful and very clearly presented. Thank you. I will use the offerings in my daily life. Very grateful.

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