Yoga for Trauma Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Safe Space Meditation

5 min - Practice


Kyra guides us through a calming and grounding meditation to help us connect to a safe space within, which is always accessible to us.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome back. Welcome to the safe space meditation. You can do this meditation either sitting in a chair, or sitting on a floor, but just make sure that you're comfortable, right? So, your low back has some room, especially if you've got some tight hips or lower back, just lift yourself up a little bit higher. You can also do this laying down on the floor, but if you think you might fall asleep, I'm gonna recommend you actually stay seated.

Okay now, see if you can just take a moment to arrive. You might actually just glance around the space, and really take in the colors, or the texture of what's around you, and you might actually start to feel whatever's connected to the floor, so your feet, your butt. Consider taking a couple of deep breaths, a nice inhale, and as you exhale, thinking about releasing to gravity. I'm trying that one more time; a deep breath in, letting your body just fill, and as you exhale, allowing yourself to just get a little bit heavier. Now, see if you can actually give yourself a moment to feel rested.

You're welcome, as you start to notice, or start to go deeper into this meditation, to either close your eyes, or you can keep them open, it's whatever position is gonna make you feel the safest, and the calmest. If you've got your eyes open, lightly rest them on a point though. See if you could press pause for a moment, on your thoughts; just really allowing some permission to slow down, and to actually feel how the body might be starting to calm. Now, begin to imagine a tree, any tree, but if you could bring to mind one that's big, has a really long, big limbs, and deep roots, and try to bring to mind, what the texture of that trunk of the tree might be like, or the strength of the trunk of the tree, and the strength of the roots. And as you're here, begin to imagine you actually have those same roots going down through you, going down through your seat, through your legs, into the Earth, and these roots travel deep.

They go down deep into the core of the Earth, and now as you get there, there is a cave, and this cave is your own personal cave, it's your safe space. This cave can be as big or as small as you need it to be. It can have anything in it that makes you feel safe or comforted, or good. See if you can bring to mind some of those details that might be there, in your own personal space. It might be a painting you love, it might be a person who really allows you to feel comfortable and safe, thinking of the colors, would there be a candle?

Would it be bright, or cooler colors? Is there any sound? We might have nature there, there might be music. What's the temperature like, as you think about this space? Where would you be sitting?

What would this space provide for you? As you really start to imagine the details and let your creativity flow with this, now begin to notice how your body's reacting in response to this space. What are the physical sensations? Does anything feel bigger, or smaller? Does it feel tingly, or warm?

Something might be contracted. Something may have actually released, but slowing down enough to pay attention on purpose, to how your body feels in reaction to this space. That's it. Nice. And as you do this, is anything, or can you find anything inside, that feels okay, or good?

How's your breath, or your heart rate? I'm gonna be quiet for just about a minute, for you to be able to sense this experience. If at any time that feels like it's too much in this quiet, just open your eyes, you can always pause. Okay, now as you feel ready, we're just gonna start to come back up through the roots, back into your own body, and return again. If your eyes are closed, just begin to consciously move your fingers, or your toes around.

Even if your eyes are open, you can do that. And then, let the eyes open if they're closed, bring the palms together, and just a little rub. And again, just like we started, check out your space again, up here. You might bring the palms together, or you might actually put one hand over your heart, or one hand over heart, one hand over belly, whatever helps you feel kind of connected here, and just remember that that safe space, that cave, is always accessible. It's always yours.

Thank you so much.


Shelley K
5 people like this.
Thank you! I appreciate this new show.
Michelle B
5 people like this.
As both a client and therapist of trauma informed work, bringing this practice into our homes is a gift beyond measure.

Please keep this going.

Rachel B
7 people like this.
This is an amazing gift. I would truly appreciate more of Kyra's teachings.
Esther H
6 people like this.
Sat Nam and thank you. Wonderful teaching, inspiring and safe teacher
Maria Elena D
Thank you for this series Kyra, I am getting much benefit from it, I appreciate you.
Erika H
2 people like this.
This was a real gift to me and my weary spirit this morning. Thank you!
Jodie H
4 people like this.
This is what I have been looking for. That safe space internally rather than externally. What a gift this has been to me. Thank you thank you, thank you.
Kyra Haglund
Hello to all of you who have commented on the safe space meditation! This response is coming a bit (quite a bit) late for many of you. So glad you connected with the practice. I hope the series in general is a tool of support where needed. This healing stuff is hero/heroine's work! Much love and respect - xo.
Christina H
1 person likes this.
I am not sure why but I had a tremendously strong negative reaction to this - I only managed about 3 mins and then totally freaked out and had loads of awful mental images come up. Have done meditation before so not sure why that has happened
Kyra Haglund
1 person likes this.
Hi Christina,
thank you so much for the feedback. And I’m really sorry to hear that the practice triggered so much for you. Since I First recorded this meditation for Yoga anytime I have changed it a bit. I now offer students many options during the meditation as to where their safe space might be - it might be down in the earth, but it also might be in the open space around a tree or even up in the tree like a spacious treehouse. None of those might be your ideal ‘safe space’, but more options usually help! The hope is to help guide the student towards envisioning (then feeling) a space/setting that feels good/okay for them.

These yoga practices certainly are not meant to trigger trauma. In fact it’s geared to do the opposite. However, there’s always a chance that this work can bring stuff up. (Continued In next post)...
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