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Yoga for Trauma

Season 1

In Season 1, Kyra shares talks, practices, and techniques to find center, ease, and calm, while helping to dispel trauma and stress from the body.

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Michelle B
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This is a life saver. Will there be a season 2?
Kira Sloane
Dearest Michelle, we are so happy to know of your success with the teachings. We have a plan to make a Season 2, no release date yet. xok
Janet H
These lessons are wonderful. I have been coming to Kyra's classes in Santa Monica for over ten years. I am traveling overseas now, and it is great to have her come along with me and guide me in my practice over here.
Beth F
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Thank you Kyra for this amazing course.  I highly recommend it for anyone experiencing high levels of stress.  The quick tools in season 1 have been especially helpful as I daily navigate the challenges of parenting a special needs child.  The creative and fun yoga practices helped me integrate the info from the talks and tutorials.  YogaAnytime, please bring Kyra back for season 3!
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So lovely to see you here Beth, and that you find these practices and teachings so valuable. I'm definitely sharing this with Kira Sloane and the team here!

Sending warmth and love, dear Beth!
Lynda V
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This series is an indispensable gem.  

So much gratitude for making these teachings accessible.  
Kira Sloane
Thank you for being here, Lynda.

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