Yoga for Trauma Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Tracking and Resources

25 min - Practice


A resource is anything that helps you feel grounded, stable, and safe, and is essential for supporting and healing nervous system. Kyra guides us through short exercises to help us track our inner landscape and orient to our environment, to help us feel more safe and aware of emotions and sensations in the body.
What You'll Need: No props needed

About This Video


(ocean waves) Welcome to the Resource and Tracking practice. Resources are essential to help healing a nervous system. They help us remember what is actually safe in order to touch int...


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Beautiful. Thank you so much for these practices.
Wow! this is so very helpful! thank you!
Kyra, I love these resources! Especially the tracking and resourcing! I do something very similar in EMDR therapy with my clients, but the way you broke it down and had us go back to our resource if we felt triggered was brilliant! Thank you so much for the work that you do! I never thought to use this in my yoga practice!
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Wonderful grounding techniques - Thank You!
Simply wonderful!   I've been a facilitator (counsellor ) for decades...and the one missing link was the Language of the Nervous System and Peter Levine's teachings on how to heal trauma.  I have taught myself much via Irene Lyon's course and now work with a terrific S.E. practitioner, here in Victoria, B.C where i've been living for 5 years (hailing from Montreal, PQ) .  Discovering your yoga teachings, Kyra, is an addition that can keep me company in this work, daily right now.   Your way of presenting this material, how you speak, your delivery, all of it ~ is so much appreciated by me.   You sit there in Integrity and such authenticity, as i would .   Good to meet you. xoxox
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I go back to this again and again. I find it keeps me grounded and helps release areas of tightness in my body that may have served to protect itself at one point. It's nice to be able to track these areas and know I can let go now. So much love! Thank you.

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