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Shelley welcomes us to Season 6 of The Yoga Flow Show, where she will share creative, dynamic, and playful Vinyasa sequences to help you build strength, flexibility, and courage. With a kind invitation to flow with ease, Shelley works with the elements of earth, water, and fire to help you feel rooted, fluid, and alive.
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Feb 04, 2017
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(waves crash) Greetings Yoga Anytime tribe, my name is Shelley Williams and I'm honored and privileged to be here and share this beautiful practice of yoga with you. In this season of the Yoga Flow show, we'll be diving into some practices that pave the way to open up different pathways in the body, working from the ground, from the Earth element, up into water element into the fire element, and opening of the heart. These practices have a really dynamic, creative flow that give you permission to move with ease in your body, but also ask you to just step into your strength and step into a little bit of courage and fearlessness as well, but in a very supported way. My hope for you is that you'll feel these results of strength, the flexibility of lightness, of playfulness and a reconnection to your essential self. So, let's dive in and enjoy together, namaste.


Sloane S
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Yes! My wish has finally come true. One of the most exquisite, inspiring yoga teachers I have ever known!

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