Aligned With Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Vashistasana Flow

45 min - Practice


Margi carefully guides in an active practice to invite energy and strength in the body through preparations and variations of Vashistasana (Side Plank Pose). We move through a series of postures to awaken the arms, wrists, hands, side body, hamstrings, and legs. Your entire body will feel awake and enlivened.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block


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I've never taken an in-person class with you Margi, but I like your style. Fun, unexpected sequencing gets me into things I'd never done before. Really nice.
Thank you for writing. I am glad you enjoyed! Hope our paths cross one day in the flesh!
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Such intelligent sequencing. Really enjoyed. Thank you
So much fun! Thank you, Margi Young! Brings me back to the large room at Om. :)
Alison Thank you so much for writing. Glad you enjoyed.
Erin Pangs!!!! Thanks for practicing and chiming in. xox
Thank you so much for that wonderful sequence! It was so helpful to work my way into the peak pose. I truly enjoyed it - finding strength in my body while being at the perfect pace to find balance and peace.
Lee Joan So glad you liked it and that WE have the strength to do these challenging poses!
Enjoying this practice except for some reason it stops every few minutes I wonder what makes this happen? I left and came back to try again 20 minutes into it and was able to view the rest uninterrupted. (This has been happening lately on some of the videos.). But thanks for another wonderful Vashistasana practice.
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Thank you for teaching!! I love your classes!!! Come to Austin soon please!!!

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