Wait for It Sitting Too Long

35 min
What You'll Need:
Mat, Square Bolster, Strap, Block (2)
This Yin class is designed to counter the flexion of modern life, which puts the body into a permanent forward fold. We look at a series of postures to open the hips, thighs, quads, glutes, and lower back. You will feel a deep sense of relief.
Apr 13, 2017
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Loved it!
2 mos ago

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Perfect after bending over in the garden all day.
2 mos ago

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I'm so glad this was helpful to you Chars Cowling ! Love that you gardened all day and then took the time to do a lovely practice for your body. Sending much LOVE out there to all of y'all! Kate
2 mos ago

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Loved this class. You weave anatomy so nicely into your practices.🕉
1 mo ago

"Move like seaweed at the bottom of the ocean."
1 mo ago

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